Inaugural National Senior Games Week - March 18-24, 2024

Join us to celebrate the Senior Games movement and encourage individuals ages 50+ to stay active!  

Every year, over 100,000 people ages 50+ experience camaraderie and challenge through Senior Games events nationwide. These athletes smash ageist stereotypes and showcase the physical, mental and social benefits of active aging. 

During the inaugural National Senior Games Week, we invite you to help spread the word about opportunities for older adults to improve their health and well-being through Senior Games sports.

Show Your Support on Social Media (Downloadable Graphics)

Why do you love the Senior Games? We encourage you to share your story as an athlete or supporter on social media with the graphics below any time March 18-24. Your experiences will encourage more people to get involved! 

  1. Download your selected graphic by right clicking the box below. Save the image to your computer or to your smartphone camera roll.
  2. Start a new post on your social media platform of choice and upload the saved graphic. You can also include a photo of you competing!
  3. Share in the post why you enjoy being part of the Senior Games movement. 
  4. Add the hashtag #NationalSeniorGamesWeek to your post and tag @SeniorGames1.
  5. Post!

Athlete Graphic

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Supporter Graphic

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Get Involved

There are ways for people of every age to get involved in the Senior Games movement. 

  1. Become an athlete. Find information on Senior Games in your state here. There is a sport for everyone!
  2. Volunteer. Local and state Senior Games need support year-round. Find contact information for the Senior Games in your state here.
  3. Recruit a friend or family member. Know someone who’s eligible to compete in The Games? Encourage them to give it a try!

Start Your Journey to the 2025 National Senior Games

We want to see YOU in Des Moines, Iowa, for the 2025 National Senior Games - the largest qualified multi-sport event in the world for athletes ages 50+. This unique event brings together over 10,000 athletes to compete in 26 sports over 12 days. Start your journey to The Games by learning how to qualify.   

Facts about Senior Games

  • National Senior Games Week promotes awareness of local, state and national Senior Games organizations and their positive impacts on participants and communities. This celebration advocates for support of Senior Games organizations and encourages people aged 50+ to get active and involved in sports for their health and well-being. 
  • Senior Games are Olympic-style multi-sport competitions for adults ages 50-100+ that occur at the local, state and national level across the United States and in Canada. 
  • Senior Games offer the camaraderie and challenge of competitive sports to older adults and promote health, well-being and active aging among participants. 
  • The National Senior Games Association is the national umbrella organization for Senior Games, with over 50 Member Organizations representing nearly every state and Canada. 
  • Staying active provides major health benefits to older adults. Research from the Sustained Athlete Fitness Exam (formerly known as the Senior Athlete Fitness Exam) found the following among Senior Games athletes:
    • Over 70% lower prevalence of diabetes. 
    • Walking speeds similar to adults in their 30s.
    • Lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress than typical older adults. 
    • Significantly lower rates of falls at just over 10%.
    • Lower prevalence of cardiovascular disease - 34-38% lower for male senior athletes and 41-57% lower for female senior athletes.
2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 366 Days 13 Hours 29 Minutes 1 Seconds