Non-Ambulatory Singles, Non-Ambulatory Open Doubles

1. All non-ambulatory athletes competing at a NSGA state qualifying games will qualify for the 2025 National Senior Games.

2. Athletes must qualify in a shuffleboard event, singles and or open doubles in which they wish to compete at the 2025 National Senior Games.

3. Athletes who reside in a state that does not offer non-ambulatory shuffleboard may qualify for the event by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.

1. Athletes must provide their own cues. Discs will be provided.

2. Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. Under NSGA rules open doubles is classified as an event. Therefore, athletes may not compete in more than one age division for open doubles.

3. Open Doubles teams may be same gender or mixed gender.

4. The age divisions of competition for open doubles will be determined by the younger age of the two partners as December 31, 2025.

1. Tournament format will be round robin, with as many players as possible advancing to a single elimination championship bracket. Quarterfinal round losers will compete for 5th through 8th places.

2. Any game missed/forfeited during bracket play will be considered a loss.

3. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division.

4. The NSGA and LOC reserve the right to change the tournament format for any age division based on entry numbers, space restrictions, or other circumstance.

Non-Ambulatory Shuffleboard

Sport Rules:

1. All shuffleboard matches will be conducted in accordance with National Shuffleboard Association rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write or call:

2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 372 Days 16 Hours 32 Minutes 56 Seconds