1500M - July 7, 2023 - 8:00am

5K - July 8, 2023 - 7:00am

1500M - South Fayette High School (Stadium)

3680 Old Oakdale Rd, McDonald, PA 15057

5K – Highmark Stadium (Station Square Dr.)

510 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

1500M on a Track or Road course

5K on a road course

1. For 2023 Power Walk event will be classified as an “OPEN” event. Athletes do not need to qualify at a 2022 state qualifier.

2. The minimum distance acceptable for qualifying will be 1500M.

3. The preferred 5K Power Walk at the State qualifier is on a road course but the State qualifier will have the option to use a track for the event. The National Senior Games 5K Power Walk event will be held on a road course.

4. If a track is used the 5K is referred as a 5000M.

1. Athletes qualified in either the 1500M or the 5K power walk may compete in both events.

2. Power Walk will continue as an Open Sport for the 2023 National Senior Games presented by Humana.

3. Qualification will not be required for Power Walk.

4. Powerwalk can be counted as a third sport ONLY for the 2023 National Senior Games.

1. Courses and formats for the 1500M and 5K will be determined by the availability of facilities in the host city.

2. The circuit for 5 km should be conducted on the road in a recommended loop of 1000M and 500M between turn around to turn around. The 1500M Power Walk can be held on a road course or a track.

3. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division.

Power Walk

Sport Rules:

1. All Power Walking events will be conducted in accordance with USPWA rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please email or call: