Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift

1. For 2025, Powerlifting event will be classified as an “OPEN Sport”. Teams do not need to qualify at a 2024 qualifier.

  1. Anyone can register for the event regardless if a state qualifier offers it or not.
  1. Each competitor will compete in one lifting session and is allowed three attempts on each of three lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift).
  2. The NSGA and LOC reserve the right to change the tournament format for any age division based on entry numbers, space restrictions, or other circumstance.
  3. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division.


Sport Rules:

  1. All Powerlifting events will be conducted in accordance with USA Power Lifting rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please visit:(right)
  2. Competition takes place between lifters in categories defined by sex, bodyweight, and age.
  3. The following competition lifts are recognized and must be taken in the same sequence in all contests: 1) squat, 2) bench press, and 3) deadlift. The “total” is the sum of the heaviest successful attempt on each lift.
  4. Each competitor is allowed three attempts on each lift. The lifter’s best successful attempt on each lift counts toward their competition total. If two or more lifters achieve the same total, the lighter lifter ranks above the heavier lifter.
  5. If two lifters register the same bodyweight at the weigh-in and eventually achieve the same total at the end of the competition, the lifter making the total first will take precedence over the other lifter.
  6. A successful attempt in all three disciplines is required to earn a total. Should a lifter fail to make a successful attempt in the squat and/or bench press, they may continue to compete for the remainder of the contest but they will not earn an official total (their total will be recorded as 0).
  7. Equipment check is required for every competitor. Either the lifter or the lifter’s coach must present the apparel/equipment to be inspected. All personal apparel/equipment that will (or might) be worn/used during competition must be inspected and approved at equipment check.
  8. All lifters in the session must attend a formal weigh-in prior to competition.
  9. For full weight classes please visit the complete rules by clicking here.
2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 373 Days 7 Hours 59 Minutes 44 Seconds