Cycling (Time Trials)

5K (TT) - May 18, 2022
10K (TT) - May 19, 2022

Cycling (Road Race)

20K (RR) - May 21, 2022
40K (RR) - May 22, 2022

5K & 10K Time Trials

BB&T Center
1 Panther Pkwy, Sunrise, FL 33323

20K & 40K Road Race


5K/10K (Time Trials) (Two Wheel & Trike Recumbent Bikes-TT only)
20K/40K (Road Races)

  1. For 2022, Two Wheel & Trike Recumbent bikes (time trials only) will be classified as an “open” event. Athletes do not need to qualify at a state qualifier. Recumbent bikes are prohibited in the road race competitions.
  2. All first-, second-, third- and fourth-place winners at a NSGA state qualifying games will qualify for the 2022 National Senior Games.
  3. Athletes who reside in a state that does not offer a 20K or 40K cycling road race may qualify for those events by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.
  4. Qualifying events must be conducted under the rules for the appropriate event to be used for qualifying. States may conduct a “combined” event, but competitors may not compete in both events when events are combined. Those wishing to collect awards in the 5K or 20K must stop after that portion of the event is complete.
  5. Qualifying event must be a stand-alone road race that is not combined with another event (i.e. duathlon, or triathlon).
  1. Cyclists qualifying in either the 5K or 10K time trials may enter both time trial events.
  2. Cyclists qualifying in either the 20K or 40K road races at a qualifying games may enter both road race events.
  3. Cyclists must provide their own bicycles and helmets.
  1. Starting times for the time trials will be at equal intervals, usually one minute, but no less than 30 seconds. No allowances will be made for mechanical or other mishaps.
  2. Starting order for the time trials is by random selection.
  3. If a rider appears later than the appointed starting time, the start will be allowed only to the extent that in the judgment of the officials it does not interfere with other riders starting on schedule. If it does interfere, the rider may be further delayed. In case of a late start, the appointed starting time shall be used in computing results.
  4. The start sheet with the starting order and appointed starting times will be available for the rider’s perusal at least one hour before the start of each event.
  5. The road races will be a mass start at pre-determined intervals by age division and gender with combinations when needed. Depending on the structure of the road race course, a neutral start may be utilized.
  6. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division

For the 2022 National Senior Games presented by Humana, Cycling will be capped at no more than 750 participating athletes for each race.


BB & T Center (Time Trials)

The BB & T Center is home to the NHL’s Florida Panthers. They also hosts basketball, ice hockey, arena football games, concerts and theater events. The road surrounding the building is flat and tree lined which makes this venue a great course for all events. The road will be closed to traffic during our competitions.

Sport Rules:

1. All cycling events will be conducted in accordance with U.S.A. Cycling rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write or call:

2022 National Senior Games - May 10-23, 2022 204 Days 6 Hours 45 Minutes 11 Seconds