Sports Information Updates for 2023 NSG Pittsburgh will come no Later than November 2022.

Non-Ambulatory Bowling

Sport Rules:

1. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with United States Bowling Congress rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write or call:
2. Athlete must be seated in their wheelchair or scooter for the entire duration of competition.
3. Athlete’s feet cannot touch the floor during competition.
4. An athlete must physically roll the ball or with the use of a ramp, as long as no one else or the chair itself helps project the ball down the lane. The athlete must be the one who impacts the energy needed for the ball to move down the lane.
5. All equipment shall meet United States Bowling Congress specifications. The NSGA reserves the right to check equipment at any time.

2023 National Senior Games - July 7-18, 2023 273 Days 5 Hours 49 Minutes 40 Seconds