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Many fitness centers and gyms are closed in support of containing COVID-19. We are all expected to do our part to maintain the recommended social distance, but Senior Games athletes can still follow a fitness routine to prepare to qualify for next year’s National Senior Games. Make lemons into lemonade by taking advantage of the moment to evaluate your overall training program and build a solid fitness foundation!

Sculpt a Pilates Physique

Take advantage of this time at home to expand your workout routine by being adventurous and experimental.  Although Pilates has been around since WWII, this effective routine is new to many senior athletes. Pilates, originally founded as a program for rehabilitation of injuries, evolved into a popular fitness format in the ‘80s and ‘90s and has rapidly grown in accessibility to the public. Workouts target the trunk/core muscles, which are the foundation and powerhouse of strong athletic performance and injury prevention in many Senior Games sports.  The following short, but intense video routine, courtesy of NSGA’s partner the American Council on Exercise, is an effective introduction to building strong and stable truck muscles.

Tai Chi – One of the Best Exercises You Can Do

According to a recent Harvard Medical School report, Tai Chi, along with swimming, strength training, walking, and Kegel exercises, are the five best exercises for the general population. Any type of physical activity will enhance quality of life and longevity, but ultimately, the best form of exercise is one that you will do! Research and experience shows that tai chi is a great compliment to any routine because of its emphasis on mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, and relaxation qualities. Here’s a demonstration.

Stir-Crazy Challenge with Olympian Alysia Montaño: Core Strength

Core support and strength is not only important for daily activities, it is essential for executing your best Senior Games performance. If you are already doing core exercises, you can enhance your routine by following Alysia Montaño, Olympian, seven-time USA champion and two-time American record holder, as she demonstrates core building exercises in this Womens Running.  If you are just getting started, try the Beginner Ab Core Exercises link offered by our partner ACE.


Virtual YMCA Resources

How about a virtual 5K? NSGA athletes are welcome to join in the virtual community of the YMCA of Greater Montgomery, Alabama to support your home workout routine. Connect in spirit, mind and body via a “Virtual Y Experience” featuring unlimited on-demand video workouts, plus virtual challenges with new friends and encouraging words from a devotional series.

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

We have curated several whole body, circuit routines from ACE, a longtime NSGA partner. The following hyperlinks include routines that are effective, provide variety and can be practiced at home or outdoors while respecting social distance.

Senior Athlete Fitness Exam (SAFE) and Games Ready

This is also an opportune time to integrate activities and resources designed specifically for Senior Games athletes. These resources are research based, coming from the Senior Athlete Fitness Exam (SAFE) assessments collected at The Games since 2011. Quick links to articles:

Dry Land Stability Ball Exercises for Anyone

Susan Ingraham, swim coach and National Senior Games record holder, created a series of targeted exercises for swimmers and athletes of any sport if you have a stability ball. Ingraham suggests swimmers add one stroke into their daily routine for variety and to emulate swimming motions. 

Physical Activity Disrupts Social Distance Blues

Maintaining the recommended physical distance can interfere with our normal exercise routines and social connections. An alternative to sport-specific activities is a general physical activity that is intense, moderate or light.  Gardening, heavy housework, sweeping and raking are examples of health-enhancing physical activities. Learn ways to keep moving in your own space from the National Institute on Aging at NIH. 

NSGA Partner, Ageility had put together a sample workout routine on "How to Workout While Stuck at Home"

Recent challenges surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has left the country stuck at home in order to help prevent the spread of this infectious disease. Restrictions have been placed by the local and federal government to minimize social contact.  Many businesses are shuttering their doors including gyms in order to keep people safe. Most of us have dramatically adjusted our routines to cope, which includes our workout regimes. With all the gyms closed until further notice, you can continue on your journey of health and wellness by working out at home.

“Exercise is Medicine” program of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

ACSM has released a comprehensive overview of the relationship between physical activity and COVID-19 in their position statement Staying Active During the Coronavirus Pandemic. In addition to practicing the recommended public health guidelines, ACSM reminds us to stay positive, be smart, act safe and stay active. This will give us the best chance of overcoming this challenge.

Alternative Forms of Exercise to Maintain Cardiovascular Fitness and Specific Conditioning

Swimmers and non-swimmers in various sports use this dry land routine as a cross-training program. Erica Slaughter with United States Masters Swimming (USMS) explains how to use race walking, jogging, and cycling to maintain aerobic fitness.

Be Well and Long Live the Challenge!

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