54 Hole Scratch

1. All first place winners or athletes meeting this sport’s NSGA minimum performance standards in competition at a NSGA state qualifying games will qualify for the 2023 National Senior Games. Qualifiers will be determined by 18-hole (not two rounds of a 9-hole course) gross score played on a course with a minimum par of 70 and a United States Golf Association (USGA) slope rating between 119 and 126 for men and between 113 and 120 for women. Handicap scores are not acceptable for qualifying. Nine-hole gross scores are permitted only for those 90 and older. In competitions with more than an 18-hole competition, any single 18-hole score meeting the golf minimum performance standard will qualify a competitor for the NSGA tournament. For open state qualifiers, Rule H applies.

2. The state organization is required to specify the method of determining the first place winner (when multiple rounds are played) prior to the beginning of play so all golfers understand what they need to do in order to qualify as the 1st place winner.

3. Any NSGA Member Organization using a golf course that does not meet the NSGA slope ratings is required to complete and submit a waiver. The MPS may be adjusted.

1. Golfers must provide their own clubs.

2. Golf cart use during practice round and official competition is mandatory.

3. PGA members may compete as long as they are not on the PGA TOUR and adhere to Rule I Definition of a Professional of the Official Sport Rules for 2025. The NSGA has the right to determine pro status.

1. The tournament will be 54-hole medal play with 18 holes per day except for men and women in age divisions 90 and older. Competitors in age divisions 90 and older will play 9 holes per day, competing for 27 total holes.

2. Handicaps will be utilized to assist with placement in a foursome on the first day of competition. The second day will be based on the first day scores. The third day tee times will be determined by the cumulative scores from both the first and second day scores.

3. The NSGA reserve the right to change the tournament format for any age division based on entry numbers, space restrictions or other circumstance. This includes but is not limited to tee times or a shotgun start.

4. In the event of a tie between 1st, 2nd or 3rd place the USGA tie-breaking procedure of matching scorecards will be implemented. The player with the best score on the last nine holes will win the higher medal. If players have the same score for the last 9 holes, the last 6 holes will be compared, then 3 holes and then finally the 18th hole.

5. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place within each age division.


Sport Rules:

1. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with USGA rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write or call:

2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 366 Days 12 Hours 8 Minutes 0 Seconds