July 13-17, 2023

Trees Hall Pool - University of Pittsburgh

Allequippa St. & Darragh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Backstroke: 50-, 100-, 200-Yard
Breaststroke: 50-, 100-, 200-Yard
Butterfly: 50-, 100-, 200-Yard
Freestyle: 50-, 100-, 200-, 500-Yard
Individual Medley: 100-, 200-, 400-Yard (Four Strokes)
Mixed 200 Freestyle & Mixed Medley Relay

1. All first-, second-, third- and fourth-place winners or athletes meeting this sport’s NSGA minimum performance standards in competition at a NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2023 National Senior Games.

1. At the 2023 National Senior Games, swimmers will be eligible to swim bonus events. Bonus events may only be in the same stroke an athlete qualified in and can only be of a lesser distance, not greater. Athletes must enter seed times, from yards’ competition, for their selected bonus events. Seed times must be entered in minutes, seconds and hundreds of seconds (00:00.00). Seed times for each bonus events must be achieved during the last twelve months prior to the registration deadline.

2. Swimmers may enter a maximum of six events, including bonus events.

3. The 500-yard freestyle, 200-yard butterfly and 400-yard individual medley events are not available as bonus events; swimmers must qualify in these events to enter them.

4. Swimmers who qualify in the 400-yard and 200-yard individual medley may select the 200-yard and the100- yard individual medley as a bonus event.

5. Swimmers must provide their own suits, caps, goggles, towels, etc. All swim suits must conform to United States Masters Swimming Rule 102, 12-Swimwear for Pool Competition.

6. Mixed relays consist of two males and two female swimmers. Swimmers may enter one 200 yard mixed medley relay and one 200 yard mixed freestyle relay. Captains of relays may pre-register teams during online registration. Deck entries for relays will also be accepted at the meet. Relay packets for deck entries will be available at the venue starting the first day of competition. The swimmers on each relay do not have to be from the same state. Age groups for relays will be the same for individual events. (50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, etc.) with the youngest swimmer’s age as of December 31, 2023 determining the relay’s age group. Awards for relays will be the same as for individual events.

1. All swimming events will be timed finals.

2. Warm-up time will be available.

3. All swimmers in the 500-yard freestyle and the 400–yard IM will be required to check-in at the venue.

4. Relay entry packets will be available at the venue starting the first day of competition.

5. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division.


Trees Hall Aquatic Complex - University of Pittsburgh

The Olympic-size Trees Pool serves as the home to the University of Pittsburgh’s varsity men's and women's swimming and diving teams. With a capacity of 770,000 gallons, it was the largest indoor pool in the United States when completed in 1962. The venue recently completed a $4 million renovation that now includes updated locker rooms, team meeting room and lounge, and upgraded circulation and draining systems .  The pool can be set for eight 50-meter lanes, and twenty 25-yard lanes, when set for short course.  NSGA will be utilizing 9 lanes with starting blocks for competition.  The aquatic complex comes equipped with both a separate and attached warm-up pool area, men’s and women’s locker rooms, large digital scoreboard, Daktronics timing system and an elevated spectator seating area.  Pool temperature will be set to 80 degrees for NSGA competition this July.

Sport Rules:

1. This competition will be conducted in accordance with United States Masters Swimming rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write, email or call: