NSGA Ambassador Highlights

National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Ambassadors are key advocates for the Senior Games Movement. The primary role of the NSGA Ambassador program is to advocate for healthy, active aging through their stories and example as National Senior Games athletes.

Ambassadors share their experiences and serve as role models among their peers and the community at large. This takes the form of sharing their skills on behalf of the National Senior Games Association, making outreach to prospective athletes, or participating in speaking opportunities and events held in their communities.

The goal of the program is to increase participation in the Senior Games Movement through sports, fitness, volunteerism, peer-to-peer educational opportunities and advocacy. Ambassadors are rising up at the state level across the country. Here are some examples:


De Ette Sauer

Since being profiled in a 2013 NSGA Personal Best feature as the “fat to fast” swimmer, De Ette Sauer of Houston, Texas has represented NSGA and healthy aging in dozens of Texas and National Media stories and videos. She has made countless speaking presentations and took personal initiative to recruit a professional videographer and produce a video in support of NSGA’s advocacy for falls prevention in seniors.  Click Here to View Video.


Laurene Hildenbrand

Ambassador Luerene Hildenbrand, who plays multiple sports and divides her time between her Ohio farm and sunny Florida, is as caring as she is persuasive to deliver the message to keep moving and never stop. In 2019, Leurene joined forces with US Olympic Gold Medalist Calvin Smith and NSGA Health and Wellness Director Andrew Walker as featured speakers for “A Call to Action for Healthy Aging” program at the Sunshine Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Attendees enjoyed her talk about the health, fitness and social benefits of participating in senior sports and recreational activities and learned about the many opportunities to “get into The Games” in Florida.


Marlyne Walker

NSGA Ambassador Marlyne Walker is a Registered Dietitian and Clemson University Extension Agent who loves opportunities to teach healthy practices in South Carolina. In the photo, Marlyne, left, stands next to her mother Alice, who is a longtime South Carolina and National Senior Games bowler. Based on her expertise, Marylyne shared nutrition basics for people engaged in senior sports in the NSGA “The Long Run” newsletter April 2019.


Carolyn Hartfield

Ambassador and track athlete Carolyn Hartfield is active in Georgia. She coordinated a falls risk-screening for seniors at the Lou Walker Senior Center in Dekalb County Georgia. She also co-hosted a talk with US Olympic Gold Medalist Mel Pender (in the photo above), and created a personal testimonial video promoting the importance of physical activity in reducing injuries for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day.


Christine Smith Davis

Christine Smith Davis is an Ambassador who recently authored the book Just Go for It! profiling her senior running experience and providing an introductory guide to help aging adults become active through sports and physical activity. Along with speaking at Alabama senior centers and working with Area Agency on Aging promoting active aging, she volunteers as a coach. After several months of training, Christine coached her 78-year-old sister Mable Sager into a 60 meter sprint champion. (Christine is on right in photo with her sister)