Senior Athlete Fitness Exam (SAFE)

Read detailed articles on how Senior Games athletes perform on fitness tests! Senior Athlete Fitness Exams (SAFE) have been conducted since the 2011 Senior Games. Read a summary of recent SAFE findings from Dr. Jordre.

SAFE Research Publication Update

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Becca Jordre, the physical therapist who conducts the Senior Athlete Fitness Exam (SAFE) at the national games. First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has participated in past years. You are consistently helping us to understand healthy aging!

I want to fill you in a few publications related to this research.  The first relates to the balance testing performed as a part of the SAFE at nationals. This was published in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. You can link to the abstract here.  First, we asked athletes if they’d had a fall in the past 12 months. Getting knocked down on the court didn’t count! Then we tested balance by having athletes stand on one leg in a variety of conditions: (1) with their eyes open, (2) with eyes closed (3) on a piece of 2” foam, eyes open. We timed each trial and capped each at 30 seconds. We also had athletes sit to stand five times as fast as possible and walk at their normal and fast speeds for 10 meters. To find out what we found, please click on Publication Update below to read the full article.

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