Who Is Del Moon?

PR guy and feature writer. Event road warrior. Former print and broadcast arts and entertainment journalist. Father and husband. Cancer survivor. LSU Tiger. Food lover. Pun generator. And now accidental senior athlete. Del followed his father’s advice to “be a generalist. Learn a little about everything and you will be able to do almost anything.” There was method in the madness of a crazy quilt career dotted with soaring successes and spectacular crashes, and he’s still walking. All of these experiences have contributed to his mission-driven work with the National Senior Games Association since 2013.

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Followers of this blog will be aware that I have dedicated my efforts to Eric Todd , one of the
My new power walking “career” continued in October with a visit to the Huntsman World Senior Games, a huge event
"Where to start?"  Those were my first words when I began this blog last year, and so much has transpired
Last week I fly-walked out to Albuquerque to participate in a press conference hosted by Mayor Tim Keller to announce
Well, I’ve navigated my two tune-up races before the National Senior Games in June and have once again proven I
I’ve cruised this far with my blog without actually offering readers background on what power walk is, and just as
We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog subject for the following Special Report: This blog entry is a bit more serious,
Hello, friends. I wanted to blog at least once per month, but the holidays always mess with people’s regular schedules
It’s time to do some ‘splaining about why I let myself become overweight and sedentary. In a way, I didn’t
TWEAK! Uh Oh… I knew the road might not be straight in this endeavor. Out of the blue, without any
There’s a long road ahead, but the 1500-meter Power Walk event at the Washington State Senior Games in July represented
By: Del Moon Where to start? I should have started blogging when I joined the National Senior Games staff in
2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 431 Days 3 Hours 36 Minutes 49 Seconds