Fort Lauderdale, FL



400M Swim, 20K Cycling, 5K Road Race

Qualifying Rules:

1. The Triathlon Relay is an OPEN EVENT for 2022. No qualifying by state or limited event is necessary.

Entry Reglations:

1. Athletes must provide their own bicycles, helmets, running and swim gear, and energy supplements.
2. All equipment must meet USA Triathlon standards.


  1. Triathletes will form a team of three. They will be required to find their own teammates or place an ad on our team finder web page (same as for any other partner or team sport).
  2. Each member of the team will complete one element of the triathlon. One will complete the 400M swim, one will complete the 20K cycling course and lastly one will complete the 5K road race.
  3. The relay will be the first wave of the event. Age division wave for individuals will follow.
  4. The age of the youngest member of the team will be the age for the group.
  5. There will be three divisions: women, men and mixed relay teams
  6. Team fee is $250

Sport Rules:

1. This event will be conducted in accordance with Triathlon Federation/USA rules except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write, email or call:

2025 National Senior Games - July 24 - August 4, 2025 431 Days 3 Hours 20 Minutes 13 Seconds