Steps To 2022- National Senior Games Challenge

A virtual steps and physical activity challenge for individuals 50 and older celebrating the path to 2022 National Senior Games presented by Humana – May 10-23, 2022 – Fort Lauderdale, FL.  This challenge inspires you to own your on health and fitness a year prior to the 2022 National Senior Games. The “Challenge” begins on 10/19 and ends on 11/18 of 2020; the same date as the official closing of the 2022 Games. Invited participants include Senior Game athletes, senior centers, local governments, senior living communities and NSGA partners.

We are excited to announce “StepsTo2022 – National Senior Games Challenge,” the second NSGA virtual step challenge taking place October 19-November 18, 2020.  The StepsTo2022 physical activity and steps challenge provides you with an opportunity to participate in a program that supports you in building a solid foundation of preventive health and fitness a year prior to the National Senior Games competition in May of 2022.

Motion is medicine and the resources provided within the Challenge will sustain and increase your motivation to be physically active. The StepsTo2022 Challenge is open to Senior Games athletes, family, friends and neighbors. Thus, we encourage you to extend the benefits of participation with others by sharing the sign up information provided below.

Previous Challenge participants do not need to create a new profile on the virtual platform and can log in using their previous username and password.  Simply log in at the StepsTo2022 – National Senior Games link below and participate with your team.

New participants – Create a profile and join your state team TODAY!  You can set up your user profile now at the link below.  Fitness tracking devices (i.e., Fitbit, Google Fit) can also be synced to the program!

Create Your User Profile and Join Your Team Here: 

StepsTo2022 – National Senior Games Challenge

Select the “Sign Up/Login for All Challenges” button on the challenge website to join.

On the profile form when asked “Which Group Do You Belong To,” scroll down and choose, OYOH Physical Activity New Registration

When prompted, enter the Challenge password:  seniorgames

CLICK HERE for sample screen directions on how to sign up, record activity and sync your fitness tracking device.

From October 19-November 18, login to the StepsTo2022 Challenge, choose from a variety of physical activities, enter the number of minutes it took to complete your activity and it will be converted into steps.  You can also upload steps from your fitness-tracking device.  Lots of things count as physical activity — even things you have to do anyway! Gardening, housework, and even shopping are all great ways to get moving and can be converted into steps.   Sign up today! NSGA is grateful to The Louisiana Bureau of Minority Health Access and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for access to the StepsTo2022 virtual platform.