“Steps To Well-Being” Challenge! 

The National Senior Games StepsToWELL-Being Challenge starts March 15 and runs through April 12. If you have already participated, you are in the system and ready to log in to enter your data. Participants record all types of physical activity with the goal of obtaining the highest number of average steps for state Senior Game teams/partner organizations and/or yourself.  Registration is now open, and anyone any age can join at no cost, not just athletes.

Previous Challenge participants do not need to create a new profile on the virtual platform and can log in using their previous username and password.  Simply log in at the StepsToWELL-Being – National Senior Games link below and participate.

New participants – Create a profile and join your state team and/or participate as an individual.  You can set up your user profile now at the link below.  Fitness tracking devices (i.e., Fitbit, Google Fit) can also be synced to the program!  Click Here to create a user profile, and when asked “Which Group Do You Belong To” from the drop down menu, choose OYOH Physical Activity New Registration. Use the password seniorgames to join your state team.

Create Your User Profile and Join Your Team Here: 

StepsToWell-Being – National Senior Games Challenge

Select the “Sign Up/Login for All Challenges” button on the challenge website to join.

On the profile form when asked “Which Group Do You Belong To,” scroll down and choose, OYOH Physical Activity New Registration

When prompted, enter the Challenge password:  seniorgames

CLICK HERE for sample screen directions on how to sign up, record activity and sync your fitness tracking device.

Login to the StepsToWell-Being Challenge, choose from a variety of physical activities, enter the number of minutes it took to complete your activity and it will be converted into steps.  You can also upload steps from your fitness-tracking device.  Lots of things count as physical activity — even things you have to do anyway! Gardening, housework, and even shopping are all great ways to get moving and can be converted into steps.   Sign up today! NSGA is grateful to The Louisiana Bureau of Minority Health Access and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for access to the StepsToWell-Being virtual platform.

National Senior Games Virtual Steps Challenge

Celebrating the largest multi-sport qualified competition in the world for 50+ active agers.

The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) has sought to engage its athletes and  friends in alternative activities to help them keep active during these challenging  pandemic times.  

NSGA, Own Your Own Health and the Louisiana Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness  and Sports collaborated on a successful virtual steps and physical activity challenge for  Senior Game Athletes and their friends. Virtually any daily activity can be converted into  steps using this program. 

To date, we have conducted two challenges, each organized with athletes competing for  their state against other state teams, and participation has grown. The most recent  challenge featured 46 teams, retaining 60% of early participants in comparison to the  30% usually observed in activity challenges. Good Job, Athletes! 

We are especially proud of the 111 participants (20%) who reached the milestone of  increasing their average daily steps. We also recognize the participation of veterans,  Paralympians and para-athletes who contributed to their State totals or to the National  Veterans Golden Age Games team.  

The top eight finishers along with their average team steps were: Louisiana, 2,022,269;  Hawaii, 1,475,555; Arkansas, 741,966; Maryland, 668, 379; Virginia, 506,089; Maine,  412,977; South Carolina, 401,237; and New Jersey with 400,263 respectively. The first  ever winner in the sponsor/partner team category goes to NSGA Partner Ageility/Five  Star with 208,913 steps.