The Heartline™ Study is now open to eligible individuals with any Medicare plan, including Original (Traditional) Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Approximately six million people in the United States live with an irregular heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation (AFib). Up to 30% don’t even know they have it until a serious cardiovascular event, such as a stroke occurs because AFib is often not associated with any symptoms.

In an effort to change this, Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with Apple, is offering eligible U.S. adults, 65 years and older with an iPhone, the opportunity to join the Heartline™ Study, a nationwide, virtual heart health research study. Individuals with and without a diagnosis of AFib are eligible to join.

The Heartline Study is designed to explore if the Heartline Study app on iPhone and heart health features on Apple Watch can potentially improve heart health outcomes, including reducing the risk of stroke, with earlier detection of AFib. The study also provides a rich engagement program with activities that may help improve your sleep, fitness and wellness and help you become more engaged in your overall heart health.

There are a variety of ways to participate in the Heartline Study. All who join will need to have an iPhone 6s or newer. Some participants will take part using only their iPhone. Some participants will also be asked to wear an Apple Watch. Those asked to wear a watch will be offered two options: purchase one at a special study price, or get one on loan for the duration of the study and return it when your participation in the study ends.  Johnson & Johnson and Apple are committed to ensuring that participation in the study is not limited based on financial need.

This study is virtual. You can participate right from home through your iPhone. If you’re 65 or older and interested in being a part of the study, visit*

*Key eligibility criteria include: you must be 65 or older, a U.S. resident for the duration of the study, able to read/understand English, own an iPhone 6s or later (with iOS 12.2 or later) and have Original (Traditional) Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Other eligibility participation requirements will apply.


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