Exercises & Wellbeing Resources

Many fitness centers and gyms are closed in support of containing COVID-19. We are all expected to do our part to maintain the recommended social distance, but Senior Games athletes can still follow a fitness routine to prepare to qualify for next year’s National Senior Games. Make lemons into lemonade by taking advantage of the moment to evaluate your overall training program and build a solid fitness foundation!

Exercise Resources

Well Being Resources

Tai Chi: Health Benefits and How to Get Started

All Tai Chi forms follow a set of essential principles that are key for its many health benefits. This resource offers a basic, but solid introduction for those who want to start learning, and is especially helpful for those who want to add a complimentary workout to their current routine.  Tai Chi for health will improve focus, flexibility, leg strength, and balance. It will also work as a warm up or cool down program.

Be Well and Long Live the Challenge!

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