The Flame has Arrived!

Wow, what an evening! The Flame Arrival Ceremony did not disappoint. SportsPITTSBURGH produced an entertaining and emotion-packed welcome for the 2023 National Senior Games presented by Humana. View photos from the torch run and cauldron lighting in our gallery.

Village Talk

Athletes are pouring into Pittsburgh and the Village is full of activity. Maya Valletta & Kanney Wong take us on a stroll to talk to some athletes about coming to The Games.

Father and Daughter Enjoy Cornhole - Win or Luge

A four-time Winter Olympian in luge has joined her father in the quest to bring home gold, but this time in cornhole. 

Cameron “Cammy” Myler attributes her success as an Olympic athlete, seven-time National Champion, and nine-time Female Athlete of the Year to her adventurous childhood. “One thing looking back now that I particularly appreciate about my upbringing was that my parents made a lot of opportunities available to try things,” Cameron says. “I’m certainly a curious person. I love to take on a challenge and try new things and I think a lot of that is how my parents were examples for me when I was young.” 

Her father, Ernest Myler, is no stranger to the outdoors and competition and has participated in 25 Empire State Senior Games in New York. This year, he convinced his daughter to join him for the 2023 National Senior Games presented by Humana. “It’s been awhile since we’ve done an experience like this. It’s a great thing and I appreciate everything she did to get me here,” Ernest says. 

Though Cameron wouldn’t say cornhole is one of her major strengths, she says she enjoys the time with her dad and the competitive, friendly atmosphere of The Games. “I came in feeling like okay, I am putting it out there, full disclaimer that I am not good at cornhole, and I’m gonna be okay with that,” Cameron says. “But it’s great to be here with my dad, really fun to play and all the competitors have been really nice to have conversations with.” 

As Ernest enters his 90’s, he takes a moment to appreciate his age and abilities. “I’m just glad to be able to be at this stage of my life and still be able to do something athletic,” he emphasized. “I lost a lot of buddies at this stage of my life and I think of them and the times we had together and I’m just thankful that I’m here and can enjoy Cameron’s company,” Ernest says.

-By Maya Valetta

Favorite Expressions of Senior Athletes

Most athletes have a phrase or expression that motivates them and others. Pitt reporters Maya Valletta & Kanney Wong set out to find a few.

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