Badminton: A World of Fun

Badminton is popular around the world and attracts a range of players. The Games Daily reporters Maya Valetta and Kanney Wong caught up with a few athletes to find out what they love about the sport and competing at the 2023 National Senior games presented by Humana.

Kay Glynn is Head Over Heels for Her Warmups

One of the most successful female track and field athletes in our history is Kay Glynn. In this video she talks with The Games Daily reporters Andrew Black and Zachary Grabowski about overcoming obstacles and shares the unusual way she keeps calm and relaxed before competitions.

Bowling Holds Hall Family Together 

Donna Hall won her first ever gold medal in Bowling at her first National Senior Games in 2011. It was even more significant because she lives in Houston, which was the host city. But the moment was made unforgettable because her son, Jay, presented her medal.

Jay joined his mom at the National Senior Games that year working as an intern. He was hired by NSGA soon afterwards and has continued to work in operations and as webmaster with the organization through the years.

In 2013, Donna’s husband, Jeffrey, joined in and bowled with Donna as a mixed doubles team. The tight-knit trio has attended every National Senior Games since then, creating countless memories traveling across the country.

Bowling has always been a big part of this family’s life and first provided the lane for Donna and Jeffrey to meet. “If I didn’t bowl, I wouldn’t know what else to do, it has always been a part of my life,” Donna, now 66, said.

“From a young age I was always involved in sports, which I am thankful for,” Jay explained. “Having my family at the National Senior Games keeps me close to two things I love.”


-By Jennifer Coco

The Games Attract Documentary Producers

The National Senior Games has always drawn the attention of storytellers who want to capture the secrets of successful aging that our athletes exemplify. In 2022 it was the Team Dream documentary, which will have its Pittsburgh premiere tonight, July 12, at 7:30 p.m. at the Row House Cinema, 4115 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA during The Games.

Note: Some tickets are still available for tonight’s screening of Team Dream. More information and free tickets RSVP here.

This year, two projects are rolling the cameras. The first follows the life of Korean-American basketball elite EJ Lee reported in yesterday’s Games Daily.

The other project involving MWM Productions will feature Jack Eckenrode and Richard Soller competing in the Men’s 95-99 100 meter race in Pittsburgh. The filmmakers have discovered what we already know - everyone has a story in Senior Games!

Jouvalle’s Marble Offers Multiple Health and Beauty Benefits

Visitors to the Village are showing a lot of interest in the Marble, a new device that aids in treating multiple ailments while also improving skin texture and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

The Marble device involves LED technology, infrared phototherapy topical heat and red light phototherapy that NASA scientists and clinical tests have found increases energy and speeds up the healing process and is a 100% natural solution for anti-aging prevention and repair for the face and body and for pain relief.

To learn more and receive a demonstration for how Marble is revolutionizing skin treatment and healing, drop by the Jouvelle area in the Village on Level 2. Jouvalle is a proud 2023 sponsor of the National Senior Games.

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