Class of 2022 Personal Best Athletes

There’s an additional definition of “personal best” that senior athletes exemplify, and that anyone can achieve. It’s not about a peak moment in time or distance in sports; it’s about overcoming challenges and obstacles, staying motivated throughout your life, and inspiring others by your example. This results in greater longevity and a healthy, active lifestyle – and that is your Personal Best!

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Lindsay Tise, 103 Winston-Salem, North Carolina It’s an achievement to live to a ripe old age. The real hope is
Alice Tym, 79, McDonald, Tennessee Alice Tym has been known by many people for different things. Tennis fans knew her
Herman Kelly, 67, Baton Rouge, Louisiana You can talk about skill, physical ability and focus as key elements needed to
2023 National Senior Games - July 7-18, 2023 369 Days 15 Hours 14 Minutes 13 Seconds