Class of 2016 Personal Best Athletes

There’s an additional definition of “personal best” that senior athletes exemplify, and that anyone can achieve. It’s not about a peak moment in time or distance in sports; it’s about overcoming challenges and obstacles, staying motivated throughout your life, and inspiring others by your example. This results in greater longevity and a healthy, active lifestyle – and that is your Personal Best!

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Heart and Soul - Georgia Billger, 77, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Georgia Billger has a competitive heart. This is evident by
A Legacy Honored - Tom McAdam, 60, Greenwood Village, Colorado Whether it’s a lifelong athlete, or a person getting involved
The Great Awakening - Cheryl Cherry, 67, Clermont, Florida To watch Cheryl Cherry cycle in competition, one would not believe
Sportingly Yours - Don Hoeppner, 85, Whitewater, Wisconsin Will Rogers famously said “I never met a man I didn’t like.”
Catch Me If You Can - Harold Bach, 96, Bismarck, North Dakota People have always had trouble keeping up with
Standing Up to MS - Eleanor Pendergraft, 80, Johnson City, Tennessee Eight years ago, Eleanor Pendergraft pondered her fate. She had
A Personal Best Life - Tom Lough, 73, Round Rock, Texas Tom Lough is, by his own estimation, a man who
The Sense of Success - Marika Vorosmarty-Blumerick, 71 Shelby Township, Michigan While all Senior Games athletes strive to perform at
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