Fort Lauderdale, FL

Race Walk


1500M on a Track/Road course
5K on a road course

Entry Reglations:

1. Athletes qualified in either the 1500M or the 5K race walk may compete in both events.

Qualifying Rules:

1. All first-, second-, third- and fourth-place winners or athletes meeting this sport’s NSGA minimum performance standards in competition at a NSGA state qualifying games will qualify for the 2022 National Senior Games.
2. The minimum distance acceptable for qualifying will be 1500M.
3. The preferred 5K race walk at the State qualifier is on a road course but the State qualifier will have the option to use a track for the event. The National Senior Games 5K race walk event will be held on a road course.
4. If a track is used for the 5K, it is referred as a 5000M.


  1. Courses and formats for the 1500M and 5K will be determined by the availability of facilities in the host city.
  2. The circuit for 5M shall be a maximum of 1250M but not shorter than 1000M. The 1500M Race Walk will be on a standard 400M track or a 1500M road course.
  3. Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each event within each age division.

Sport Rules:

1. All race walking events will be conducted in accordance with USA Track & Field rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please write or call:


(Please Visit the “How to Qualify” Page of the NSGA Website or Page 1 of the Official Rulebook for Revised Qualification Information)

2022 National Senior Games - May 10-23, 2022 328 Days 10 Hours 9 Minutes 2 Seconds