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As I mentioned in my pervious article, pickleball has similar movements to tennis, ping-pong and badminton. However, due to the
Let’s play ball! Pickle ball, that is. Pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in America. With minimal learning time
Osteoporosis (porous bone) is a bone disease that can affect us as we age. Osteoporosis is a disease process where
By: Jessica Lime, Ageility Fitness Trainer   Yoga is a natural medicine used from ancient times to help us heal
By: Jessica Lime, Ageility Fitness Trainer   Exercise is similar to medication when it comes to improving your mood and
By: Jessica Lime   Body mechanics of any sport has fine detail and varies depending on the person and the
By: Jessica Lime   There are different types of stretching techniques such as static, dynamic, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (pre-contraction stretching),
By: Jessica Lime   Self-myofascial release is a popular rehabilitation intervention to enhance joint range of motion, reduce muscle soreness
By: Jessica Lime   Posture is a key element of the human kinetic chain.  A malalignment in our body may
By: Jessica Lime and the Ageility Team   Type 1 diabetes This type of diabetes can develop in any age
2022 National Senior Games - May 10-23, 2022 392 Days 5 Hours 14 Minutes 32 Seconds