Here’s how the Senior Games Movement has developed over time, beginning with the first known event in 1970. Find the dates for when your state first held multisport events for seniors, as well as other key moments in NSGA history.

Please note that there may have been individual and local events held prior to the year shown for some states. These dates indicate when regular multisport events took shape and contributed to the formation of the first national event in 1987, followed by the years when State Member Games began that became qualifying events for National Senior Games.

[timeline] [timeline_box year=”” align=”top” title=”ESTABLISHMENT”]  [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1970″ align=”left” title=”The beginning of the road”] First “Senior Olympix” multisports event is organized by Warren Blaney in Los Angeles. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1975″ align=”right” title=”Sanford, FL”] First known recurring local Senior Games begin in Sanford, Florida – and still going! [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1977″ align=”left” title=”Let the Games Begin! – CO, IL and RI”] Colorado, Illinois and Rhode Island had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1979″ align=”right” title=”CT, MI, NM, OH and VA”] Connecticut, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1980″ align=”left” title=”MD and WI”] Maryland and Wisconsin had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1981″ align=”right” title=”TN”] Tennessee had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1982″ align=”left” title=”GA and NY”] Georgia and New York had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1983″ align=”right” title=”DC, NC and VT”] Washington DC, North Carolina and Vermont had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1984″ align=”left” title=”AZ, MS and SD”] Arizona, Mississippi and South Dakota had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1985″ align=”right” title=”National Organizing Committee & IA, MT, NV and SC”] First National Games organizing committee is formed in St. Louis; Iowa, Montana, Nevada and South Carolina had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1986″ align=”left” title=”ME and NJ”] Maine and New Jersey had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1987″ align=”right” title=”and AL, KS, KY, NH, OK, UT and WY  – National Senior Games”] Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming had their first senior games; 1987 National Senior Games hosted in St. Louis, Missouri. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1989″ align=”left” title=”NE and PA – National Senior Games”] Nebraska and Pennsylvania had their first senior games; 1989 National Senior Games hosted in St. Louis, Missouri. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1990″ align=”right” title=”TX”] Texas had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1991″ align=”left” title=”DE, FL, IN and MA – National Senior Games”] Delaware, Florida, Indiana and Massachusetts had their first senior games; 1991 National Senior Games hosted in Syracuse, New York. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1992″ align=”right” title=”AR, CA, OR and WV”] Arkansas, California, Oregon and West Virginia had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1993″ align=”left” title=”MN and ND – National Senio Games”] Minnesota and North Dakota had their first senior games; 1993 National Senior Games hosted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1994″ align=”right” title=”MO”] Missouri had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1995″ align=”left” title=”WA – National Senior Games”] Washington had their first senior games; 1995 National Senior games hosted in San Antonio, Texas. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1997″ align=”right” title=”NSGA Headquarters Moves – National Senior Games”] NSGA Headquarters moves from St. Louis to Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 1997 National Senior Games hosted in Tucson, Arizona. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1998″ align=”left” title=”NSGA Foundation and HI”] NSGA Foundation is formed; Hawaii had their first senior games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”1999″ align=”right” title=”National Senior Games”] 1999 National Senior Games hosted in Orlando, Florida. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2001″ align=”left” title=”LA – National Senior Games”] Louisiana had their first senior games; 2001 National Senior Games hosted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2003″ align=”right” title=”AK and ID – National Senior Games”] Alaska and Idaho had their first senior games; 2003 National Senior Games hosted in Hampton Roads, Virginia. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2004″ align=”left” title=”NVGAG”] National Veterans Golden Age Games join NSGA as qualifying Member Games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2005″ align=”right” title=”National Senior Games”] 2005 National Senior Games hosted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2007″ align=”left” title=”HUMANA – National Senior Games”] HUMANA begins as Presenting Sponsor of National Senior Games; 2007 National Senior Games Hosted in Louisville, Kentucky.  [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2009″ align=”right” title=”National Senior Games”] 2009 National Games hosted in Palo Alto, California. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2011″ align=”left” title=”National Senior Games”] 2011 National Games hosted in Houston, Texas. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2013″ align=”right” title=”Personal Best – National Senior Games”] NSGA begins “Personal Best” health and wellness initiative with athlete profiles as examples of healthy, active aging; 2013 National Games hosted in Cleveland, Ohio. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2014″ align=”left” title=”CAN”] Canada Games (Quebec Province) joins NSGA as qualifying Member Games. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”2015″ align=”right” title=”Fitness Age Test – National Senior Games”] NSGA releases “Fitness Age Test” survey of 4,000+ senior athletes proving value of having active lifestyles; 2015 National Games hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [/timeline_box] [timeline_box year=”” align=”bottom” title=”PRESENT”] [/timeline_box] [/timeline]