The National Senior Games partners with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), to support the fitness and sports performance of America’s seniors through education and training.  ACE is an established, nonprofit organization, providing unbiased, quality resources for health and fitness professionals, and the public.  The ACE/NSGA web portal, is free of charge, and only available through  Seniors wanting to Step Up Your Game, increase physical activity, get fit, or prepare to compete in The “Games” will find helpful guidance and videos from experts.  Please feel free to share this opportunity with your friends and family.

Tabs you can explore include:

  • Fitness Resources – Quick Start, Workout Library with several sports-specific workout guides, Exercise Library with dozens of videos
  • Expert Articles – ACE professionals share information on myriad subjects
  • Fit Facts - facts on popular health and fitness topics (including Older Adult Fitness), each in a concise, one-page format.
  • Tools and Calculators -11 in all, including BMI, blood pressure, caloric needs estimator, more
  • Fitness Programs – “28 Days to a Healthier You,” “8-Week 5K Training,” “16-Week Marathon Training”
  • Videos – expert content in bite-sized formats. Fitness workouts, functional fitness tips, routines for time-crunched people, cooking demonstrations, and more

To Step Up Your Game, follow the link below and set up an account and password to give you access. Check it out today! Also, you can even enter your zip code to find an ACE professional near you.


Click Here to visit the NSGA/ACE Fitness Portal

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