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Need doubles/mixedBadminton partner
Frederick KlemanBadmintonCalifornia
seeking strong 50-54 Men's Doubles partner
Dane JorentoBadmintonMinnesota
I look for you....
Vera GlaskovaBadmintonWashington
Mens doubles and Mixed doubles partner
Ralph CervantesBadmintonWashington
Need Men's Doubles 60-64 partner to contend for gold
Jack RutherfordBadmintonKentucky
Need partner for 80 MD & 80 MXD
Harrison OrrBadmintonMichigan
Need partner for 80 MD & 80 MXD
harrison OrrBadmintonMichigan
Mens 55-59 Doubles
Karl FatterBadmintonPennsylvania
looking for mixed doubles partner 70-74
Paul ClarkBadmintonIowa
Looking for Mixed Partner for 60-64 for National Games 2015 already qualified
Don TongBadmintonCalifornia
Looking for Men's Doubles Partner for Nationals
Robert PrestonBadmintonIllinois
need badminton WD partner
Angela WangBadmintonIndiana
Badminton MXD Female Partner Needed
Buzz BiszantzBadmintonIndiana
Badminton WD/MXD partner for age 50-54
Michiko WatanabeBadmintonHawaii
Looking for MXD Partner
Carl BiszantzBadmintonIndiana
Mens or Mixed Double Badminton Partner
John SmithBadmintonTexas
Looking for XD partner so we can win Gold in 60+
Ann ChoiBadmintonCanada
I need You 65+ Lady as my XD partner.
Sammy PonnusamyBadmintonAlabama
Need woman mixed doubles partner
K.C. LimBadmintonTennessee
Need a partner for MD and MXD
John OrchardBadmintonWisconsin
need partners 80-84 MD and Doubles
Roland James MakibbinBadmintonPennsylvania
need Female Doubles Partner -70-74
Tony HouseBadmintonNew York
Looking for a team to join
60+ Player Available
Hannah PhillipsBasketballVeterans
Darnell ClevengerBasketballMichigan
Team Male 75+ needs players
Bill SmithBasketballWisconsin
Want to play basketball
Bob HerbersBasketballMinnesota
Want to play basketball
Bob HerbersBasketballMinnesota
womens 50-54 player needed
peg salladeBasketballIllinois
David HallBasketballCalifornia
Rafie PodolskyBasketballConnecticut
Basketball /// 65-69
Mike DonahoeBasketballHawaii
70+ women's basketball
LADY BALL HAWGS 70+BasketballTexas
Need to join a team
David WhiteBasketballIndiana
Basketball - team
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
60-65 basketba
David duffyBasketballIllinois
Need 75-79 Player
Carol DuPaixBasketballNew Mexico
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
Seeking 80+ Women's Basketball Team
Rachel ChurchBasketballNorth Carolina
55+ basketball free agent
Lourdes SalinasBasketballCalifornia
Looking for Women 55+ Basketball players
Maria EtheredgeBasketballCalifornia
Basketball Women's 3 X 3 70 - 74 age
Myrlene NicholsBasketballTexas
Basketball Full court 5x5
david duffyBasketballIllinois
Basketball Team
Mike DonahoeBasketballHawaii
Looking for 65+ player
Louise JonesBasketballCalifornia
Looking for a Basketball team to join
Evan NearBasketballCalifornia
Seeking players Women 70+
Carol O DuncanBasketballTexas
Looking for a team
Chris PearsonBasketballTexas
looking for team
Jerry DugganBasketballTexas
Ross mooreBasketballCalifornia
Looking for Team to Join
robert goldBasketballNew York
Fred ColemanBasketballOklahoma
looking for 80+ basketball player
John BarsellBasketballHawaii
Over 65 --SF Bay Area--seeking a team or open game
Stephen RosenfieldBasketballCalifornia
Over 65 --SF Bay Area--seeking a team or open game
Stephen RosenfieldBasketballCalifornia
Curtis JohnsonBasketballCalifornia
Basketball Team 70 plus seeks players
Bill BrennanBasketballIowa
looking for 80+ basketball player
John BarsellBasketballHawaii
looking for league or team basketball
John RiosBasketballCalifornia
Player looking for a team
Denny SmithBasketballIdaho
Need a team to play for
Carl JonesBasketballOhio
looking for team or team mates
John BarsellBasketballHawaii
Need players
LaVerne GravesBasketballArkansas
Seeking players
Carol DuncanBasketballTexas
womens 3 on 3 basketball 60-64 looking for player
Terry BlackwoodBasketballTexas
Bowling Doubles
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles partner Bowling, Pickleball
Bruce jarvisBowlingCalifornia
Woman for mixed double
Bruce JarvisBowlingMinnesota
Bowling doubles / mixed doubles
Ed. StephensBowlingTexas
Partner Female Mixed & Men's Doubles
Gene NITZBowlingNew Mexico
Looking for Mens Doubles Partner
Ron BatesBowlingTennessee
JAY SWONGERBowlingCalifornia
Need mixed doubles and women's doubles partner
Valerie ElliottBowlingWashington
male mixed doubles
Shirley Rich-BaggettBowlingNorth Carolina
carol sadlekBowlingFlorida
Mens Double Partner
Dale KieferBowlingGeorgia
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Need female for Mixed Doubles in Bowling
Fred DeGenovaBowlingDelaware
woman partner
Dorthy Kerr BowlingDelaware
Still need mixed doubles partner
Valerie ElliottBowlingWashington
Needs Woman Doubles Partner
Larry WatkinsBowlingKansas
Need female for Mixed Doubles in Bowling
Fred DeGenovaBowlingDelaware
Doubles Partners
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Male Doubles Partner
David RegulBowlingCalifornia
Men's Doubles Partner
David RegulBowlingCalifornia
Need woman doubles partner
Ruth LeybaBowlingNew Mexico
Need Men's Doubles Partner
Dan WheatleyBowlingMaryland
doubles partner
Bernie FranksBowlingOhio
SAM SMITHBowlingOhio
Need Female for mixed bowling
Jerry GavinBowlingFlorida
doubles bowling
george freemanBowlingAlabama
Need Mixed Doubles Partner
Jerry GavinBowlingFlorida
need female partner for mixed doubles
Ray SterneBowlingVirginia
JOE RUIZBowlingTexas
Need female mixed doubles partner 75-79
Lawrence DraegerBowlingFlorida
mixed bowling
george freemanBowlingAlabama
women's doubles partner needed MN
Karin PaceBowlingPennsylvania
Training partner
Jerry LevinsonCyclingTexas
Pickleball Mixed Partner Needed
Bill RowePickleballTennessee
Need female pickleball partner, I am 64
Dan DyerPickleballTennessee
Mxd or female age 60-64
Jeannie DiamondPickleballTexas
Need a Partner for Men's Doubles
Art DavisPickleballKentucky
Need Mixed Doubles Partner
Art DavisPickleballKentucky
need mixed doubt partner 75+/80+
John SproehnlePickleballCalifornia
Need 75+ Female Partner for 2015 Natl. Sr. Games in MN.
Dick JohnsonPickleballArizona
Need mixed doubt partner 75+/80+
John SproehnlePickleballCalifornia
Doubles Pickleball-Womens
Gail M BushPickleballOhio
Need Nat'l partners for Mxd & Womens Dbls
Janice ClaytonPickleballNorth Carolina
NSGA Mxd & Female Partner needed
Janice ClaytonPickleballNorth Carolina
75-79 Mens Doubles Pickleball
Josh KalinPickleballFlorida
National Games
Chris ThomasPickleballMinnesota
Need Doubles Partner
Joe WhillockPickleballTexas
Need Partner for Nationals, Male and Female
Joe Tom WhillockPickleballArkansas
Need Pickleball Mens Partner 50-54
Mixes/ Ladies doubles partner needed
Essie FariaPickleballFlorida
Pickleball jadies doubles and Mixed Doubles partner
Essie FariaPickleballFlorida
MXD partner for Natl's
Bill EukerPickleballPennsylvania
pickleball mixed partner
SUSAN GAPENPickleballFlorida
Pickleball Mixed Partner Needed
Bill RowePickleballTennessee
Need Pickleball Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles Partners 65 - 69 Age Bracket
Jerry FergusonPickleballTennessee
National MD Partner Needed
Paul HawkesPickleballMaine
75-79 Men's Doubles Partner
Jack WarnerPickleballTexas
need dbls women 70+
Mary HendrixPickleballTennessee
Need Female Partner(5.0) for Mixed Doubles
Ben ParkPickleballIllinois
MXD female partner 65-69
Denis MillerPickleballAlabama
MXD female partner 65-69
Denis MillerPickleballAlabama
Neet Mixed Doubles Partner for Nationals in Minneapolis July, 2015
Janet ShominPickleballMissouri
need female partner
Thomas GearhartPickleballMinnesota
need partner for mens doubles
chuck abbottPickleballColorado
need partner for the mixed doubles
chuck abbott PickleballColorado
Mixed Double Partner
Gary WaackPickleballSouth Dakota
Pickleball mixed partner
JOE B GRIMMPickleballIdaho
Need female partner for Mixed Dbles
Larry LeaxPickleballIndiana
Partner for xd
Don NixonPickleballIndiana
Need a Mens Doubles Pickleball Partner
Mike JonesPickleballPennsylvania
Pickleball Doubles 80 and older
Richard NaslundPickleballWisconsin
Need male doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
Need female doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
Women's Doubles 65+
jeannie DiamondPickleballTexas
Need Pickleball Men's Mixed Doubles Partner 70-75 Age Bracket
Ken PeacockPickleballMichigan
women's pickleball doubles 2015 national senior olympics
karen jergPickleballWisconsin
4.0+ player
Steve TimmonsPickleballTexas
Male Pickleball Partner Needed 60-64
Glen DavisPickleballNorth Carolina
National MXD Partner Needed
Paul HawkesPickleballMaine
Need MXD and WD partner
Kathleen BrundoPickleballCalifornia
Need Mixed doubles 70-75 partner
Jerry BrinegarPickleballGeorgia
Need Mixed doubles Pickleball Partner
Jerry BrinegarPickleballGeorgia
65 to 69 Male Pickelball Partner Needed
KeithPickleballNorth Carolina
national senior Olympics
Pat JacksonPickleballArkansas
Need 50-54 women's doubles partner
Pam BoydPickleballTexas
Need partner for Men's & Mixed Doubles
Tom ReuterPickleballColorado
Pickleball Partners for Nationals
Tom ReuterPickleballColorado
Looking male partner
Jackie BrownPickleballKansas
Ted PaulusPickleballMinnesota
MXD Pickleball Partner 4.0+
Chuck FlanaganPickleballTexas
need womens doubles 75-79
Judy LangPickleballMinnesota
Pickleball Doubles partner 75-79
Betty MarinoPickleballLouisiana
Pickleball Doubles partner 75-79
Betty MarinoPickleballLouisiana
MN Nat'l Wm DBL partner
MJ WarePickleballMinnesota
Need Pickleball mix and mens for nat 55-59
Jim BerlinPickleballMinnesota
Pickleball Doubles Partner
Jim CookePickleballKentucky
looking for a partner
Judy LangPickleballMinnesota
Pickleball Mens Doubles
John LopezPickleballAlabama
men's doubles partner
mike kaplanPickleballSouth Carolina
Need woman's partner 55-59
Mary Jane SlayPickleballTennessee
Need female partner for mixed doubles
JamesPickleballNew Mexico
Texas Senior Games
Roselyn WarePickleballTexas
need a partner for the mens doubles 80-84
chuck abbottPickleballColorado
Need a mens doubles partner
Todd OttRacquetballOhio
Need doubles partner.
Gary DuffieldRacquetballCalifornia
need W DBLS & MIXED DBLS partner
Barbara YoungRacquetballIdaho
Racquetball W Dbls & Mixed Dbls Partner needed
Marcia CrossRacquetballTexas
Racquetball W Dbls & Mixed Dbls Partner needed
Marcia CrossRacquetballTexas
Racquetball Dooubles Partner
Brian W. CrandallRacquetballDelaware
Seeking mixed doubles and/or female doubles partner
Ann FingerhoodRacquetballMissouri
Need a Mens Doubles Partner
Jeff LeeRacquetballSouth Carolina
national shuffleboard
joe smetankaShuffleboardMichigan
looking for nationals doubles partner
joe smetankaShuffleboardMichigan
shuffleboard partner
joe smetankaShuffleboardWest Virginia
Shuffleboard Doubles
Norm TraffisShuffleboardOhio
Shuffleboard Doubles
Marcia LongShuffleboardTennessee
Doubles partner
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
looking for double partner
butch ryanShuffleboardLouisiana
Doubles partner
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
Looking for a team
Ted SoftballTexas
Looking for a Team
Ric CallahanSoftballAlabama
women's softball
Looking for a team
Joe McDanielSoftballGeorgia
Looking to play at the Nationals
David WalkerSoftballCanada
looking to be placed on a team
Don DawsonSoftballFlorida
Need Softball infielder ?
Frederick KlemanSoftballCalifornia
Pick up softball pitcher-looking for a team
Veronica (Ronnie) LakatosSoftballFlorida
Softball Players Needs a Team To Play On 65 70 75's
Robert AdamsSoftballMinnesota
PE Teacher interested in any and all sports.
Stephen FordSoftballCalifornia
looking for team for minn july3-16
harry stoddardSoftballMichigan
looking for a 60's team to play with
Edna WorfSoftballMinnesota
Looking for a 70/65 Softball team
Michael Lavis SrSoftballTennessee
need softball team for nationals 70 or 75
Linda NicholasSoftballWest Virginia
Looking for team for 2015 Nationals -57 year old plays infield,outfield or pitch
Senada (Cindy)ThomasSoftballNorth Carolina
Ron HarperSoftballAlaska
Looking to join a team - BASEBALL (not softball)
Mark FreemanSoftballCalifornia
Need Female Partner (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Need Mens TT Player (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Table Tennis Men's Doubles
Bob PrestonTable TennisColorado
Female Doubles Partner
Dennis KeppenTable TennisArizona
John SchauerTable TennisMinnesota
need mixed double partner for table tennis
Zita J. FosterTable TennisCalifornia
Looking for Male Mixed Double Partner
Zita J. FosterTable TennisCalifornia
Table Tennis
Mariano OrtizTable TennisWashington
mens doubles partner wanted
hiroshi moriyasuTable TennisCalifornia
table tennis
joe smetankaTable TennisWest Virginia
Need Men's Table Tennis Partner Age 85-89
Don HusmannTable TennisFlorida
Looking for a female partner for table tennis mixed doubles
Orlanda Terry (male)Table TennisVirginia
Mixed Doubles partner
Zita Jurgen Table TennisCalifornia
I'm looking for a mixed doubles partner
Winston M. A. DowridgeTable TennisFlorida
Table Tennis Men's doubles 65-69
Byron DavisTable TennisUtah
Table Tennis
Robert Van CampTable TennisMichigan
Find women dbls partner( usatt rating sure be +1700)
Si Hong CheongTable TennisCalifornia
Women Doubles Partner
Chiyako SuzukiTable TennisCalifornia
Doubles Partner
Sharon SmithTable TennisIndiana
Mixed Doubles Partner Needed - Female
Bill SwiftTable TennisNew Hampshire
Mixed Doubles Partner
Dilip DesaiTable TennisTexas
Seeking a good Mixed doubles female partner
Christopher SantiagoTable TennisWashington
Table tennis men's doubles75-79 partner needed as mixed doubles partner
Jai khannaTable TennisIndiana
Looking for a mixed doubles partner
Orlanda TerryTable TennisVirginia
Table Tennis woman double
Laura HoTable TennisAlabama
Female Table Tennis Partner
Juan GomezTable TennisMinnesota
Mens doubles partner
kerry knightTable TennisGeorgia
Looking for Quality Lady Mixed Doubles Partner
Alex SumeriTable TennisWashington
Female Table Tennis Partner
Juan GomezTable TennisMinnesota
Need Partner for Mixed Doubles
Monroe RatchfordTable TennisNew Mexico
Women's Doubles Partner
Mary WalkerTable TennisTennessee
Need Men's Doubles Partner 65-69
Michael ClarkeTable TennisMaryland
Looking for TT Partner(s)
Steve DeWittTable TennisMissouri
Need doubles & mixed doubles partners
Norman MinerTable TennisNew Hampshire
Mixed Doubles Partner
Michael ClarkeTable TennisMaryland
DanielTable TennisKansas
Need Mixed Doubles Partner for Nationals
Bill HowellTennisNorth Carolina
Looking MXD Partner 70-74
Carter TannehillTennisTexas
Mixed Doubles Partner for Nationals
Bill HowellTennisNorth Carolina
MXD partner, 70-74
Ron seraTennisHawaii
Tennis for Doubles
Susan CalrkTennisOhio
Men Doubles Tennis Looking for Partner 90-94
William NicolaiTennisPennsylvania
Need partner
Wendy HawleyTennisHawaii
Need doubles partner
Tom DautenhahnTennisOhio
Senior Games
Wendy HawleyTennisHawaii
Need Mixed Partner for 65+ or 70+ Division
Walter PeckinpaughTennisOhio
Need 3.5 - 4.0 doubles partner - men 70 - 74
Tom SpragueTennisWisconsin
Need partner for Doubles Mens Tennis 80-84
Lewis ArnoldTennisCalifornia
Female Mxd Partner Tennis 70-74
Sidney RuckTennisNew Jersey
Women Mixed Doubles Partner Needed
Susan ClarkTennisMinnesota
Tennis 75
Bonnie ChampionTennisColorado
tennis mixed partner
Joe B. GrimmTennisIdaho
Need a Women's Tennis Doubles Partner
Susan ClarkTennisOhio
Men's 55-59 4X100
Ron HarperTrack & FieldAlaska
Looking for partners for 4x100 50-54 for nationals
orlando perezTrack & FieldFlorida
track runner
TedTrack & FieldTexas
Looking for a team
Join Volleyball team
Frederick KlemanVolleyballCalifornia
Ladies 70 or 75
Jenny WolfromVolleyballFlorida
Player looking to play w/55+ volleyball for San Antonio, TX games
Cat KohlerVolleyballTexas
Looking for men's 60's volleyball
Chuck SerrurierVolleyballIllinois
Looking for a team
MelinaVolleyballNew Jersey
Looking for 70's team at Nationals
Bob HustonVolleyballTexas
looking for team
bill faucettVolleyballSouth Carolina
looking for a volleyball team 60+
Jean VolleyballOhio
Looking for a team
Paul TerpeningVolleyballNew York
Team needs players 65+ women
Dory wagnerVolleyballMassachusetts
Men's 70 - Need Team
Joe RitzenthalerVolleyballVirginia
Looking to join 60+ volleyball team
Need Team (Team Grog not playing)
Joe RitzenthalerVolleyballVirginia
Men's 65 volleyball
Tim ReichVolleyballMichigan
2- 70+ female players looking for a team
Carol McColloughVolleyballPennsylvania
Player(s) needed (women)
Sheri LeymeisterVolleyballPennsylvania
Player looking for a team
Eddie GarnerVolleyballTexas
Looking for a team
Sandy KosinaVolleyballNew York
Need VB players age 70 -75
Seeking members for team
Jean AchesonVolleyballMassachusetts
Mens 50+ VB
Tyler HouselVolleyballPennsylvania
Men's Volleyball
Tim BlakemanVolleyballTexas
Looking for a Team and some tournament play!
Volleyball 55 Setter/Outside Hitter/Libero
Michael SmithVolleyballOhio
Looking for 70+ team
Howard StillwellVolleyballFlorida
Beach Biddies 60+ Need 1 More Player
looking for a player
Ada VeraVolleyballInternational
Linda KandeferVolleyballNew York
Looking for Women's Team - 50
KirstenVolleyballNew Jersey
looking for 55+men's team, OH
Charles EckmanVolleyballArizona
Looking for a team
Eddie GarnerVolleyballTexas
Player looking to play w/50+ volleyball for San Antonio, TX games
Susan KerrVolleyballTexas
55+ women team is looking for a player
Alena SikorovaVolleyballPennsylvania
bill faucettVolleyballSouth Carolina
Looking for a team
Scott OwensVolleyballPennsylvania
VB team looking for 55's player
Tami BarkerVolleyballPennsylvania
Volley Ball
Sarah Mc NeilVolleyballMichigan
Volleyball 75+
Rene BlanchardVolleyballNevada
Women's 70+ Volleyball team
Shirley SchumacherVolleyballKansas