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State Games Contact List

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Version : December 19, 2016 

State Games Calendar

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Version : June 5 2016 




Florida Senior Games


December 3-11, 2016


Clearwater, FL

Mailing Address

1501 N. Belcher Rd., #238 Clearwater, Florida

Zip Code


Contact Name

Stephen Rodriguez

Contact Phone

727-724-3082, 866-FLGAMES

Contact Email

[email protected]


Individual Sports

Archery - Badminton - Bag Toss - Basketball Shooting - Billiards - Bowling - Croquet - Cycling - Fencing - Golf - Horseshoes - Lawn Bowling - Pickleball - Powerlifting -Race & Power Walk - Racquetball - Road Race (5K) - Shuffleboard - Swimming - Table Tennis - Tai Chi - Tennis - Track & Field

Team Sports

Basketball - Softball - Volleyball

Out of State Participants


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