Please scroll down to select your State and learn about the respective games. If you are looking to Register please click on your state for more information. The NSGA is comprised of 51 members and 2 associate members, each with a State Games that serves as a qualifier for the National Senior Games. All athletes that participate in The Games must qualify at a State Games. If you are looking to participate in the National Senior Games please click on your state, or associate member game, or any state where you would like to compete and learn more!


State Games Calendar

Version : May 16, 2018 

State Games Contact List

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Florida Senior Games


August 11, 2018 (softball); December 1-9, 2018


Clearwater, FL

Mailing Address

101 North Monroe Street, Suite 1000, Tallahassee, Florida

Zip Code


Contact Name

Marvin E. Green, Jr.

Contact Phone

866-FLGAMES (354-2637)

Contact Email

[email protected]


Individual Sports

Archery - Badminton - Bag Toss - Basketball Shooting - Billiards - Bowling - Croquet - Cycling - Fencing - Golf - Horseshoes - Lawn Bowling - Pickleball - Powerlifting -Race & Power Walk - Racquetball - Road Race (5K) - Shuffleboard - Swimming - Table Tennis - Tai Chi - Tennis - Track & Field

Team Sports

Basketball - Softball - Volleyball

Out of State Participants


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26 October 2018
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