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Basketball (National Senior Games / Basketball)

69 year old, 6’2”, 178 lbs looking to join basketball team in the Sarasota area. Good handle, passi[...]
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from Tom Lazouras

over 75 women's bball player wanted (National Senior Games / Basketball)

NOVA United Classics 75+ women's bball team is looking for 2-3 friendly bball players to play in Nat[...]
from Helen Crum

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14 October 2018
Personal Best Featured Athletes
Amy Hicks, 85, Needham, Massachusetts All athletes have aches and injuries that inevitably come with athletic competition, and that is espec...
08 October 2018
Athlete of the Month
David Kucherawy, 66, Washington, Pennsylvania All dog owners enjoy a bond with their pets, but David Kucherawy has a special connection with...
13 September 2018
Athlete of the Month
Bonnie Strang,75, Millsboro Delaware Softball has the second-highest athlete participation of all sports in the National Senior Games. Since...
16 August 2018
Athlete of the Month
Ken Mink, 83, Maryville, Tennessee An often-heard joke among senior athletes after a good performance is, “Too bad you don’t have any colleg...