Be Your Personal Best...FOR LIFE!

There’s another definition of “personal best” that anyone can achieve. It’s not about a peak time or distance in sports; it’s about overcoming obstacles, staying motivated throughout your life and inspiring others by your example. This results in greater longevity and a healthy, active lifestyle – and that is your Personal Best!

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Psyched! - Bob O'Connor, 67, River Forest, Illinois Bob O'Connor was always a good runner and made the most of it. He earned a track scholarship to Loyola- Chicago and set some school records. He journeyed to Mexico City for the 1968 Olympic Games and was inspired by Bob Beamon's superhuman long jump.  One year later he was part of a University of Chicago Track Club relay team that set an ind...
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If You Build It, They Will Come

Senior softballer proves “If you build it, they will come” - Bill Altman, 82, San Antonio, Texas When Bill Altman retired from his Air Force career, he was itching for something to do to keep moving. He had played baseball in high school, fast pitch softball at the University of Michigan and had even spent a year on the Air Force all star softball team.  But after flying missions over Vietnam...
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The Art (and Science) of a Successful Life

The Art (and Science) of a Successful Life - Leurene Hildenbrand, 81, Hartville, Ohio This is the story of an Ohio farm girl who dreamed of being a research scientist and persisted until she reached her goal. Leurene Hildenbrand overcame the prevailing bias of her time against women pursuing science careers and became the first female to manage a laboratory in her company. But that's just the begi...
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I'm Stunned I Can Actually Do This

  I'm Stunned I Can Actually Do This - DeEtte Sauer, 71, Houston, Texas As she will readily admit, at one time DeEtte Sauer was a mess. The supermom and super-motivated businesswoman had let herself go with decades of inactivity and she became morbidly obese. Her doctors said she was certain to have a heart event within five years. With one decision and the resolution to change, DeEtte trans...
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Tending His Garden

Tending His Garden - John Tatum, 94, Washington DC When John Tatum received our call to interview, he was doing what he likes best - working in his yard. He had just finished cutting nearly an acre of grass with a push mower and talked about being behind with his gardening. Between keeping up his home and a country retreat, earned from a 34 year career working up from laborer to software prog...
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No Retreat No Surrender

No Retreat No Surrender - Mark Ballenger, 59, Cleveland, Ohio Mark Ballenger enjoyed an active life as an elite skater and cyclist. He was such a fierce competitor that he was called "Mark the Shark." All that changed when he suffered a massive stroke at 43. He could have easily given up, but Mark fought back and found he still could be an athlete, competing in both able bodied and disabled&n...
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Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds - Kay Glynn, 60, Hastings, Iowa Kay Glynn loves to move – acrobatics, dancing, sports, you name it. She still can’t resist doing handstands to warm up before track and field events, which she took back up at the age of 48. Her senior games career has seen much success, including six gold medals and a new pole vaulting world record for her age in Houston at the 2011 National S...
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01 August 2017
Athlete of the Month
HUMANA Hero: Curt Davison, 92, Kirkwood, Missouri Curt Davison is not known to throw his weight around, other than on the field of play...
11 July 2017
Athlete of the Month
HUMANA Hero: Wanda Newsom, 77, Taylor, Texas Birthdays seem to bring extra luck for Wanda Newsom. She won her first archery gold medal ...
21 June 2017
Press Releases
World, American masters records among new National Senior Games marks set in Birmingham     BATON ROUGE, La. (June 21, 2017) ...
30 May 2017
Press Releases
More than 10,500 Senior Athletes Will Compete in 19 Sports in Birmingham  BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 30, 2017) – Every National Senior Game...