Activity is Building In Birmingham

National Senior Games CEO Marc Riker visited Birmingham this week to prepare for the 2017 National Senior Games presented by Humana! He teamed up with local ath lete Jan Hinson to promote the Games on Talk of Alabama: ABC 33/40. Interested in volunteering? Visit # seniorgames2017 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL CLIP
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The Long Run - March 2017

Association News NSGA Engages Another New Health and Wellness Partner - Go4Life NSGA is pleased to announce formation of another new health and wellness partnership with Go4Life, a national outreach campaign from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that promotes exercise and physical activity.   Go4Life is designed to help people fit exercise and physica...
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"Motivated by a Memory" March 2017 Athlete of the Month

Whitman “Pete” Cross, 85, Charlottesville, Virginia During this 30 th  anniversary year, NSGA has asked athletes to send in their favorite  “Memories of the Games”  to share on our website and on our National Senior Games Instagram and Facebook pages. One came from a brand-new competitor whose memory goes back to 1987. An excerpt: “I never realized until recently that I had watched the first [Nati...
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Running in Style

Running in Style - Ann McGowan, 92, Providence, Rhode Island It’s always good to look your best. For Ann McGowan, it’s essential, even when she’s competing as a senior athlete. That’s because Ann was a hairdresser, cosmetology instructor and salon owner for more than 40 years. As a youngster, she discovered her love and aptitude for hair styling when she was inspired by glamorous stars in the...
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Roy's Run

Roy Englert, 94, Springfield, Virginia For a man who didn’t start running until after he was 50, Roy Englert has made up for lost time. In fact, the level of fitness he has achieved as a senior athlete has undoubtedly added to his time on earth. At 94, the retired U.S. Treasury employee isn’t contemplating anything but continued running and competing to achieve his Personal Best. Roy was not an at...
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The Long Run - February 2017

Association News NSGA Annual Conference Highlights By all accounts, attendees to the 2017 NSGA Annual Conference, held In Dallas from January 25-28, found a wealth of useful information, spirited networking opportunities, and renewed energy at our gathering of Senior Games organizers and partners from around the country and Canada. The conference featured stellar presenters and information-packed ...
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2017 NSGA Annual Conference Highlights: Gathering of member games’ organizers produces positive energy

DALLAS, Texas- By all accounts, attendees to the 2017 National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Annual Conference found a wealth of useful information, spirited networking opportunities, and renewed energy at the gathering of Senior Games organizers and partners at the mid-country meetings held from January 25-28.                        &n...
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"Bringing the Heat" February 2017 Athlete of the Month

Ronnie Lakatos, 56, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Ronnie Lakatos has always promoted physical fitness, both as an individual and through a long career as a coach and parks and recreation manager in south Florida. Five years ago, with retirement approaching, she started talking up the idea of having a senior basketball team with her friend and center Mattie Lenhardt. “Mattie and I had always wanted to fo...
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NSGA Presents Inaugural Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards

DALLAS, Texas- A affable, lifelong multi-sport athlete and a passionate player and advocate of senior women’s basketball were named as recipients of the first-ever male and female Athlete of the Year awards at the National Senior Games Awards Gala. The program was part of the 2017 National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Annual Conference held January 25-28 in Dallas. Richard “Dick” Naslund, 91, o...
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Dr. Kenneth Cooper Addresses NSGA Annual Conference

DALLAS, Texas- Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, preventive medicine pioneer and “father of aerobics,” presented a talk at the 2017 National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Annual Conference on Friday, January 27. Attendees were representatives from 53 Member Games that serve as qualifying events for the biennial National Senior Games, as well as partners and vendors of the organization. Dr. Cooper is founde...
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“I Guess I’m a Creature of Habit”

Jordan Wolle, 89, Las Cruces, New Mexico No one loves water more than Jordan Wolle. That could be the setup for a joke, given that he has lived most of his life in arid New Mexico. However, he is quick to state his opinion that there are more good swimmers per capita there than most other states. He is also proud to have represented The Land of Enchantment in every National Senior Games since the ...
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Both Feet on the Floor

George Freeman, 86, Foley, Alabama There are just some people in the world that catch you by surprise. When you first meet George Freeman, he doesn’t strike you as an outgoing, gregarious person. He possesses an unassuming and good-natured personality that puts people at ease, and he is a good listener. However, once he starts talking, joking, and telling stories, he has the ability to light up a ...
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The Long Run - January 2017

Association News 2017 Message From NSGA As we enter a historic year for NSGA, CEO Marc T. Riker pauses to appreciate how far the organization has come. Make sure to follow the link below to read his entire message.   Happy New Year! To kick off 2017, it is time to reflect on what our organization has accomplished over the past four years, and to look forward to the 2017 National Senior Games ...
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"Banner Year, Bright Future" January 2017 Athlete of the Month

Sue McCarthy, 53, South Portland, Maine Spectators and the media frequently spend more time lauding the accomplishments of our oldest athletes, and they are truly worthy of the attention. On the other hand, there are also equally impressive performances in the youngest sport age divisions. Case in point: Maine sprinter Sue McCarthy, whose first appearance at the 2015 National Senior Games presente...
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2017 Message from NSGA

Happy New Year! To kick off 2017, It is time to reflect on what our organization has accomplished over the past four years, and to look forward to the 2017 National Senior Games presented by Humana coming to Birmingham, and the milestone it represents. In 2012, while serving as Director of National Games for the National Senior Games the Board of Directors approached me about taking on the role of...
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12 December 2018
Athlete of the Month
Joe Dorough, 68, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri   Joe Dorough knows what it feels like to get a second and third chance in life, and he’s making...
11 November 2018
Athlete of the Month
Betsy Hall is like many people who participate in Senior Games–she loves it so much, she is motivated to tell others to get involved and kee...
26 October 2018
Personal Best Tour Blogs
News and Events
Press Releases
FALMOUTH, MA – The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) visited the recent Massachusetts Council on Aging (NCOA) annual conference to ma...
14 October 2018
Personal Best Featured Athletes
Amy Hicks, 85, Needham, Massachusetts All athletes have aches and injuries that inevitably come with athletic competition, and that is espec...