"Trying Something New" May 2013 Athlete of the Month

Marie Neaves, Townsend, Delaware Marie Neaves of Townsend, Delaware may have a career working in a library, but she is no mere bookworm. Marie is not one to shirk a challenge, and she's had her share. Trying something new got her involved in sports after she became a senior, and it's been one thing after another ever since. The tragic loss of her husband to cancer in 2003, followed by her son bein...
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Washington, D.C.

The historic Howard Theater was the setting for the Opening Ceremony for the 30th anniversary of the DC Senior Games. More than 250 athletes, family members, recreation and sports professionals turned out to hear Mayor Gray and other dignitaries express the importance of senior fitness in the nation's capital. "Bring home the gold," Mayor Vincent Gray exhorted. "Make us proud!" The gathering showe...
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A Team Dream Come True

Jackie Stephens, 76, Fairfax Station, Virginia When Jackie Stephens was young she lived with her grandfather who was the Baptist minister for the African American community in a small town not far from Philadelphia. She would sit enraptured at the end of the long mahogany dinner table at Sunday dinners in her grandparent’s house, soaking in stories from missionaries and church guests from afar. Th...
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The Long Run - April 2013

Association News Personal Best Tour debuts in San Antonio The opening ceremony of the Texas State Senior Games on April 4 was the setting for NSGA's inaugural Personal Best Tour event, and the presentation was well received.    Marc T. Riker, NSGA CEO with assistance from three time Olympian Bob Nieman recognized  Bill Altman of San Antonio with a Personal Best Award.  Alt...
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"A True Team Player" April 2013 Athlete of the Month

Helen White, 59, Arlington, Virginia Spectators at the recent NCAA Division 1 women's basketball regional semi-finals at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia were treated to a special halftime show at games featuring Notre Dame vs. Kansas and Duke vs. Nebraska. You might say it was "one for the ages" as members of the NOVA United Senior Women's Basketball Association and guest players from...
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San Antonio, Texas

We didn’t expect a chilly morning in San Antonio, but the Personal Best Tour was given a warm reception at the opening ceremony for the Texas State Senior Games. More than 325 energetic seniors converged on O.P. Schnabel Park to celebrate the beginning of the annual games and to take to the park trails for a fitness walk after the ceremony. The majority of attendees came from and active adult comm...
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The Long Run - March 2013

Association News NSGA To Introduce "Personal Best Tour" and Athlete Profiles We are excited to announce a new NSGA health and wellness media initiative will debut in April, and the theme is already turning heads by boldly offering a new definition of what "personal best" means.   The NSGA Personal Best Tour will visit ten locations this year with a goal of raising awareness about the senior g...
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I'm Stunned I Can Actually Do This

  I'm Stunned I Can Actually Do This - DeEtte Sauer, 71, Houston, Texas As she will readily admit, at one time DeEtte Sauer was a mess. The supermom and super-motivated businesswoman had let herself go with decades of inactivity and she became morbidly obese. Her doctors said she was certain to have a heart event within five years. With one decision and the resolution to change, DeEtte transf...
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"I Perspire to Inspire"

"I perspire to inspire" - Mike Fanelli, 56, San Anselmo, California What can you say about a guy who has logged over 100,000 miles of running by age 56; completed 100 miles in 16 hours 40 minutes; run a marathon in 2 hours 25 minutes; run a mile in 4 minutes 16 seconds, - and 4 minutes 56 seconds at age 50; won and placed highly in numerous marathons, and served as Head Coach of the USA ...
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Making Up For Lost Time...Fast

Making Up For Lost Time...Fast - Oscar Peyton, 60, Accokeek, Maryland Oscar Peyton always knew he had natural athletic ability and could run fast, but he didn't discover how fast he really was until his fifth decade of life. Taking up formal track competition at the age of 49, the man people say deserves the title "SpeeDemon" has sprinted to capture a slew of medals - mostly gold - in Senior Games...
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Pencil Me In

Pencil Me In - Mary Lauffer, 95, Annapolis, Maryland You would think a golfer would talk first about getting two hole-in-ones in a lifetime. But Mary Lauffer likes to talk about her pencil collection. You see, her hobby has been to collect one of those skinny scoring pencils at each course she’s ever played.  She has over 400 of them from decades of walking and whacking balls. She loves playi...
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"I'm Better"

"I'm Better" -Howard Hall, 92, Frankfort, Kentucky You have to watch out for Howard Hall, he’ll sneak up on you.  The retired Army veterinarian rediscovered his love of sports when he retired, and before long ole Howard was racking up the medals in local, state and national senior games.  He’s collected at least 600 to date, but he lost count. Besides, for Howard, it’s the ongoing athlet...
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Psyched! - Bob O'Connor, 67, River Forest, Illinois Bob O'Connor was always a good runner and made the most of it. He earned a track scholarship to Loyola- Chicago and set some school records. He journeyed to Mexico City for the 1968 Olympic Games and was inspired by Bob Beamon's superhuman long jump.  One year later he was part of a University of Chicago Track Club relay team that set an ind...
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If You Build It, They Will Come

Se nior softballer proves “If you build it, they will come” - Bill Altman, 82, San Antonio, Texas When Bill Altman retired from his Air Force career, he was itching for something to do to keep moving. He had played baseball in high school, fast pitch softball at the University of Michigan and had even spent a year on the Air Force all star softball team.  But after flying missions over Vietna...
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The Art (and Science) of a Successful Life

The Art (and Science) of a Successful Life - Leurene Hildenbrand, 81, Hartville, Ohio This is the story of an Ohio farm girl who dreamed of being a research scientist and persisted until she reached her goal. Leurene Hildenbrand overcame the prevailing bias of her time against women pursuing science careers and became the first female to manage a laboratory in her company. But that's just the begi...
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