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Each month, NSGA selects an interesting athlete to highlight from the vast diversity of people who participate in National Senior Games. These stories demonstrate the spirit of The Games and the benefits of fitness, fun and fellowship that athletes enjoy through their competitive efforts. Everyone has a story to share -... what's yours?
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"On a Wing and a Prayer" September 2013 Athlete of the Month

On a Wing and a Prayer 55 year old Joe Garcia of Ferndale, Washington has a competitive spirit, but he had more on his mind than simply running a race when he qualified for the 2013 National Senior Games Presented by Humana. We couldn't believe our eyes when we encountered Joe dressed in native garb including sandals, tunic and seashell necklace and anklet after the 5K road race held at the Clevel...
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"This One's for Mom and Dad" July 2013 Athlete of the Month

Linn Dunton, 56, Pine Valley, California In August of 2007, Linn Dunton of Pine Valley, California was enjoying a full life as a teacher, track coach, wife and mother of four. With one phone call she was thrown into a battle for her life with a diagnosis of breast cancer. She says she put it into remission "with hard work, determination, discipline, a radical lifestyle change, surgery and much pra...
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"Where in the world is Ron Snipe?" June 2013 Athlete of the Month

Ron Snipe, 69, Port Angeles, Washington Senior athlete Ron Snipe loves geography. He made it his college major, studying in Mexico City and earning degrees at the University of Utah and Utah State, where he played on the varsity soccer team. A large portion of his career has been as a sales rep, consultant and research geographer for a major education publisher. The Port Angeles, Washington reside...
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"Trying Something New" May 2013 Athlete of the Month

Marie Neaves, Townsend, Delaware Marie Neaves of Townsend, Delaware may have a career working in a library, but she is no mere bookworm. Marie is not one to shirk a challenge, and she's had her share. Trying something new got her involved in sports after she became a senior, and it's been one thing after another ever since. The tragic loss of her husband to cancer in 2003, followed by her son bein...
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"A True Team Player" April 2013 Athlete of the Month

Helen White, 59, Arlington, Virginia Spectators at the recent NCAA Division 1 women's basketball regional semi-finals at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia were treated to a special halftime show at games featuring Notre Dame vs. Kansas and Duke vs. Nebraska. You might say it was "one for the ages" as members of the NOVA United Senior Women's Basketball Association and guest players from...
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"Senior Games are Keeping Me Alive" March 2013 Athlete of the Month

Hazel Trexler-Campbell, 90, Salisbury, North Carolina Sports have always been a saving grace for Hazel Trexler-Campbell of Salisbury, NC. "If I hadn't played basketball in high school I would have flunked out. It kept me interested and active and helped me stay involved until I graduated. I still wear my class ring today." The 90 year old will compete in shot put, discus and long jump in the Natio...
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"Persistance, Thy Name is Rick Muth" February 2013 Athlete of the Month

Rick Muth, 63, Orange County, California Rick Muth of Orange County, California is a runner. Boy, is he a runner. Muth, 63, missed the California Senior Games but was determined to qualify for the National Senior Games. He had business in Charlotte, NC so he figured he would take a tree hopper to Charleston, WV where the West Virginia games were taking place. His perfect plan went awry when the fl...
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11 October 2016
Athlete of the Month
Brenda Matthews, 67, Anaheim Hills, California Trackster Brenda Matthews is at the top of her game. Last year, the four-time National Senior...
10 September 2016
Personal Best Tour Blogs
Personal Best Tour – September 10, 2016, Milwaukee, Wisconsin   In Photo: Don Hoeppner is congratulated for his Personal Best Award by ...
10 September 2016
News and Events
Press Releases
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, September 10 – The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) visited the swimming competitions for the 2016 Wisconsin S...
01 September 2016
Athlete of the Month
John Younce, 68, South Shore, Kentucky Just about anyone who golfs has a bucket list of courses they hope to visit while they chase the litt...