Setback (Literally)

TWEAK! Uh Oh… I knew the road might not be straight in this endeavor. Out of the blue, without any clear cause, a sharp back pain manifested in the middle of my spine. I could sit and stand without much discomfort, but when laying down the spasms would come with one wrong move. Tweak! Then, getting up after a sleep brought sharper spasms and stiffness. Tweak! TWEAK! Ugh. The irony of having to sle...
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Racing Thoughts

There’s a long road ahead, but the 1500-meter Power Walk event at the Washington State Senior Games in July represented a major milestone for me as the first athletic competition I’ve been in since my early teens. That first gold medal will always be my favorite. In fact, I might even have it bronzed! (Old joke.) In the week leading up to the event, my mind was racing already wondering how my non-...
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Where to Start?

By: Del Moon Where to start? I should have started blogging when I joined the National Senior Games staff in 2013 as communications and media director. But some baggage came with me that had to be sorted out, and more details will be shared in future entries. But it’s now comfortable to share personal thoughts about helping to raise awareness about the Senior Games Movement…and how my own life rel...
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11 November 2018
Athlete of the Month
Betsy Hall is like many people who participate in Senior Games–she loves it so much, she is motivated to tell others to get involved and kee...
26 October 2018
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FALMOUTH, MA – The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) visited the recent Massachusetts Council on Aging (NCOA) annual conference to ma...
14 October 2018
Personal Best Featured Athletes
Amy Hicks, 85, Needham, Massachusetts All athletes have aches and injuries that inevitably come with athletic competition, and that is espec...
08 October 2018
Athlete of the Month
David Kucherawy, 66, Washington, Pennsylvania All dog owners enjoy a bond with their pets, but David Kucherawy has a special connection with...