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How to get Started

To participate in the National Senior Games, you must be 50 years old and qualify the year before through a NSGA sanctioned State Qualifying Games. You may qualify through the state you live in, or any state which allows out-of-state competitors; however, you should contact these States directly for qualifying information. A complete list of sanctioned State Organizations with contact information and web link (if provided) is available on the website on the State Games page.

Qualifying standards differ depending on the sport/event and you should read more information about qualifying in the 2017 National Senior Games Rulebook posted under the link, 2017 NSGA Rulebook. Typically, the qualifying standards do not differ drastically from year-to-year.

In most sports, the top 4 finishers in each age group qualify for Nationals, as well as those who meet the Minimum Performance Standards (in applicable sports). The exceptions are Tennis (only the top 3 finishers for each age group qualify), Golf (you must meet the Minimum Performance Standards) and Triathlon (all finishers qualify). For team sports (basketball, softball, volleyball) the top 3 teams in each age group qualify. Demonstration sports do not require qualification. Qualifying for the 2017 National Senior Games will not begin until January 2016. 

No matter what place an athlete finishes, they may also qualify in the sports which have Minimum Performance Standards (MPS), by meeting or exceeding the MPS for the age-division they are competing in at the State Level. (Ex. An athlete is 54 in 2016 and competes in the 50-54 age division at their State Games, but will move up to the 55-59 age division at Nationals. They must meet the MPS for the 50-54 age division to qualify for Nationals. 

The National Games, a 19-sport, biennial competition for men and women 50 and over, is the largest multi-sport event in the world for seniors. Those core sports are as follows:

Sport Events
Archery Compound Fingers/Compound Release/Recurve/
Barebow Compound Fingers/Barebow Recurve
Badminton Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Bowling Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles/NON-AMBULATORY Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Cycling 5K/10K (Time Trials),
20K/40K (Road Races)
Golf 54-hole Scratch Play
Horseshoes Singles
Pickleball Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Race Walk 1500M/ 5K
Racquetball Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Road Race 5K/10K
Shuffleboard Singles/Open Doubles/NON-AMBULATORY Singles/Open Doubles
(short course yds.)
Backstroke: 50, 100, 200-Y;
Breaststroke: 50, 100, 200-Y;
Butterfly: 50, 100, 200-Y;
Freestyle: 50, 100, 200, 500-Y;
Individual Medley: 100, 200, 400-Y
Table Tennis Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Tennis Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles
Track & Field 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500M;
Discus, Hammer, High Jump, Javelin, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Triple Jump
Triathlon 400M Swim, 20K Cycle, 5K Run
Team Sports: Basketball, Softball, Volleyball