Rules of Posts and How to Post on The National Senior Games Partner Finder

  • Entries will automatically expire in 120 days.
  • To post an entry for the National Senior Games use the Team/Partner Finder under the National Games tab.
  • To post an entry for the State Senior Games use the Team/Partner Finder under the State Games Tab.
  • Post an entry for each sport in which a partner is needed.
  • Keep entries brief with pertinent information:  Sport, State/Location, Age Division, Need Partner/Team/Team Member, Contact Info (name, ph# and/or email).  TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF BEING CONTACTED BE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR PH# AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESS.


Need Pickleball partners for MD Senior Olympics, Age 50-54-Contact John, [email protected], 555-555-5555.


  1. Female 56-yr old, looking to join women's 50+/55+ Volleyball Team, 555-555-5555, Will travel to qualify!
  2. Women's BB player-50yo, New to Sr Games, Played HS BB-still holds own on ct; Love to join team/play again!  [email protected]


  1. Call John 555-555-5555, Age 80+ BB team looking for players to join team at state qualifier in PA and at 2019 Nationals in ABQ.
  • When viewing an entry click on Expand to see full entry details and contact info.
  • To increase chances of finding a team/partner check the Team/Partner Finder regularly for new entries.
13 September 2018
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