Ed Roberts

Edward H Roberts
Colonel, United States Air Force Retired

Ed Roberts retired from the United States Air Force in 1985 with 27 years of service as a Colonel and spent most of his career in systems development, and operational test and evaluation. His last assignment in the Air Force was as Director of Analysis, air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center.

After retiring from the United State Air Force, Ed joined Lockheed Martin until 1999 as a project manager and engineer for development and maintenance of intelligence data processing systems.

In 1997, he began serving as a volunteer technical consultant on registration programs, results reporting and games planning of the National Senior Games. He served as Quality Control of qualifying data, results entry and results quality control for 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 National Senior Games.

Ed is a member of Texas Senior Games Association board of directors for 8 years, president for 3 years. He currently serves on the NSGA Board of Directors Strategic Planning Committee, Membership Committee, and Nomination Committee.

Ed is a proud graduate of the Program Managers Course, Defense Systems Management College of the National Defense University and he graduated Air War College from Air University. He also has a BS Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and a MA Business Management from Central Michigan University. He is married to Beverly Kay, and they have one son, two grandsons, two great grandchildren.