DeEtte Sauer

DeEtte Sauer DeEtte Sauer, 71
Houston, Texas

“I’m stunned I can actually do this”

As she will readily admit, at one time DeEtte Sauer was a mess. The supermom and super-motivated businesswoman had let herself go with decades of inactivity and she became morbidly obese. Her doctors said she was certain to have a heart event within five years.

With one decision and the resolution to change, DeEtte transformed herself and eventually found her second home in the swimming pool at age 58. And no one is more surprised than her to find there had been a competitive swimmer hiding inside. But winning meets is second place to the quality of life she has gained. Read on to hear her “fat to fast” story.

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DeEtte has had a busy year. Her Personal Best exposure has resulted in numerous print and broadcast interviews, and this was further amplified when she was selected to be one of Humana’s Game Changers as part of a national well being media campaign conducted by our champion sponsor. We are all grateful to DeEtte for being such an eloquent and passionate spokesperson for the Senior Games Movement. In DeEtte’s words:

I didn’t get my Gold, but I was fortunate to win Silver in the 50 fly and 500 free, Bronze in the 100 fly and 200 IM, and I finished 4th in 100 IM. I am so grateful for these awards. It was the toughest competition ever. I have great respect for the women I swam against.

DeEtte Sauer

I was really humbled by the company I was in. It is so true that there were almost 11,000 athletes and 11,000 stories there…each more inspirational than the last. The whole week was very emotional. I am in awe of my fellow athletes. Great company!!!

You made me famous among my peers. It was crazy!!! When I walked into the swim center on Tuesday everyone knew who I was. They had either seen the article in Swimmer magazine or my picture plastered all over the program. George and I laughed and laughed. It was just comical. You made me famous for being "fat to fast". Wow!!!

Thanks again for one of the best weeks of my life.

Swimmingly yours, D

(Photo by Claire Eggers/ Brooks Institute © 2013)