5K - June 6, 2017 - - - Postponed until June 7, 2017
10K - June 5, 2017
20K - June 8, 2017
40K - June 9, 2017


5k & 10 K (Time Trials): 5k & 10 K (Time Trials): Staging area at Oak Mountain BMX Track - 10 Tranquility Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242 (Oak Mountain State Park)

20K & 40K (Road Races): Shelby County High School, 101 Washington Street, Columbiana, AL 35051


5K, 10K (Time Trials)
20K, 40K (Road Races)


2017 Participant List: Please Click Here

2017  5K/10K Time Trials - Start Times: (See Below)

2017 20K/40K Road Race - Start Times: (See Below) 

Practice Information: No Practice Times - course will not be set up

Course Information:

5K Time Trials Course – Click Here -

10K Time Trials Course – Click Here

20K Course - Click Here - 
(Password: race)
40K Course - Click Here - 
(Password: race)



5K - Click Here -

10K - Click Here -

20K/40K - Click Here -

Neutral Start Information: For both the 20K & 40K Road Races, a neutral start will be used for all cyclists

  • 20K Cyclists will ride (not race) approximately 2.8 miles to neutral starting point.  From there, riders will start race and will finish at Shelby County High School (see map below)
  • 40K Cyclists will ride (not race) in reverse direction, approximately 2.8 miles to neutral starting point.  From there, riders will start race, traveling in original direction, and will finish at Shelby County High School (see map below)


Bike Link of Hoover welcomes the athletes of the senior games. 

We will offer priority assembly and re-boxing for rider's bikes before and after the events. 

Rates are as follows:

  • Assembly of boxed (travel case) road/tri bike =$85
  • Box bike for shipping= $50
  • Assembled bikes will be put to rider's fit specs with measurements provided by the athlete.  Bike Link is Body Geometry Fit trained and has over 20 years of fit experience.  Need help on measuring your current bike for reassembly?  Just call us, 205 985 0001
  • Boxing the bike consists of professionally disassembling the bike and packing with secure and safe materials.  Helmets and pedals can be left in the cardboard box for shipping as well.  We will mark all fit components for reassembly when you arrive home. 

Actual shipping rates are up to FEDEX or UPS, we have no control over it.  Bike Link will package the bike in the absolute smallest box avail to avoid cost to you. Please email or call with questions and info.  Appointments are necessary for prompt turn around, we plan on helping a ton of folks. 

Call us 205-985-0001 Email: [email protected]

Cahaba Cycles Welcomes the 2017 Senior Games.

  • We have full service repair departments in all 4 locations for any needs you may have prior/after your events.
  •  Athletes can ship their bikes to any of our locations (listed below) for unpacking, assembly, and race ready tuning.  We also can pack bikes after the event for shipping home. 
  • Athletes will need to call our locations to get the service scheduled.  Please avoid making last minute arrangements so we can schedule properly. 
  • We will be happy to get shipments through Fed-ex delivery, but athletes must coordinate their own shipping and provide label.
  • Unpack, Assembly - $60.
  • Tune - ups on shipped bikes - $80 - $120. 
  • Dis-assembly, packing for shipping  - $60.
  • Road bike rentals are available for $40 - $60/day and $10 each additional day (bikes available: Trek Emonda ALR 4 and Domane SL 6 )
  • Mountain bike rentals for $40 - $75/day and $10 each additional
  • We also carry a very full selection of accessories, parts, and bikes for purchase in all four locations

Store locations:

  • Oak Mountain - 2271 Pelham Parkway, Pelham , AL 35124 205-987-4043 (closest to events)
  • Cahaba Heights - 3179 Cahaba Heights Rd. Birmingham, AL 35243 205-967-2003 (2nd closest to events)
  • Homewood - 2834 South 18th St. Homewood, AL 35209   205-879-3244
  • Trussville  - 183 Main St. Trussville, AL 35173 205-655-6090 (furthest from events)



1. Cyclists qualifying in either the 5K or the 10K time trials may enter both time trial events.

2. Cyclists qualifying in either the 20K or the 40K road races at a qualifying games may enter both road races.

3. Cyclists must provide their own bicycles and helmets.


1. All first-, second-, third- and fourth-place winners at a 2016 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2017 National Senior Games.

2. Athletes who reside in a state that does not offer a 20K or 40K cycling road race may qualify for those events by meeting the “limited” event qualifying criteria in Rule D.

3. Qualifying events must be conducted under the rules for the appropriate event to be used for qualifying. States may conduct a “combined” event, but competitors may not compete in both events when events are combined. Those wishing to collect awards in the 5K or 20K must stop after that portion of the event is complete.

4. Qualifying event must be a stand-alone road race that is not combined with another event (i.e., duathlon or triathlon).


Awards will be presented for 1st through 8th place for each style within each age division. All medals and ribbons MUST be collected during the Games. The NSGA will not mail MEDALS or RIBBONS after the Games.


Oak Mountain State Park

From its humble beginning as a 940-acre park atop Double Oak Mountain established by the Alabama State Lands Act of 1927, Oak Mountain State Park has grown to 9,940 acres making it Alabama’s largest state park. With the largest land-area, one of the widest varieties of outdoor activities of any state park, and its proximity to Birmingham, Oak Mountain is a perfect stop while traveling to and from the state’s largest city. Topping it all off is the park’s stunning physical landscape, which alone makes for an unforgettable experience.


2017 Cycling 5K Time Trials Start Times

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2017 Cycling 10K Time Trials Start Times

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2017 Cycling 20K Road Race Start Times

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2017 Cycling 40K Road Race Start Times

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2017 Cycling Athlete List

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2017 Cycling (5K- TT) Course Map & Info

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2017 Cycling (10K- TT) Course Map & Info

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2017 Cycling (20K & 40K- Road Races) Course Map & Info

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