Davis Cox

Davis Cox

Davis Cox became involved in the Massachusetts Senior Games shortly after he first heard about them and became their first State Ambassador and immediately participated in the 2014 games where he earned his first medal in track and field.  He is currently the MASG President and Chairman of the Board.

With a varied career in the fields of secondary education, computers and programming, and sales and marketing in high-tech companies, and with involvement in entrepreneurial enterprises in technology and finance, Davis brings a wealth of experiences to the National Senior Games Board of Directors. Along the way, Davis also spent much of his time volunteering at organizations like the Boston Computer Society, local Convention and Visitors Bureaus, the Information Technology Trainers' Conference, and several local Chambers of Commerce.

Earning his Bachelor's degree in Physics at Berea College KY, where he was a track and field athlete, Davis went on to do graduate work in education and mathematics at Miami of Ohio, the University of Dayton, and William and Mary.

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